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Category Title: Veterinarians & Specialists MANCHESTER, NH

Rating: 2
By: Notme123

While I generally like Caring Hands - and Dr Feltz - it's like a hit or miss for things. There seems to be no client loyalty :( They don't work wit… more ›


Jul 22, 2013 4:18pm | By Medwaystudios

Essential Pet Supplies For You And Your New Friends Etosha hosts many different types of waterholes. Small lakes, depressions, and pans quickly fill throughout the rainy season to make water accessible in all areas with the park. Durin… more ›


Jul 22, 2013 4:14pm | By Medwaystudios

Bringing up one chicken could be simple for several folks especially for those who have some form of experience with relation to raising other animals. Raising a flock of chickens alternatively can be precise total opposite if not accomplished correc… more ›


Category Title: Animal Shelters Saint Louis, MO

Rating: 1
By: Jennataryn

This "rescue" is a scam. My husband found a dog on Petfinder that listed this rescue. He made an appointment and visited with the dog. He was told the… more ›

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