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Great Hands Free Leash for People on the Go (Not visible to others yet!)

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By: Val

I must admit I'm biased because my husband and I invented this leash out of necessity. We love to take our dogs with us camping, hiking, exercising a… more ›


Category Title: Rescue Groups/Organizations Warwick, RI

This organization is a scam (Not visible to others yet!)

Rating: 1
By: Irishbest80

This organization is a scam. I will not even get into how they get the dogs but why dont you ask yourself WHY they get them from another state rather … more ›

Pet Services
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By mct | 3

Is your cute, crazy feline ready for the spotlight? The behavior of cats never fails to entertain, delight, and surprise their owners. Whether these curious creatures are chasing their own shadows or diving into boxes, felines always kee… more ›

10 Signs Your Cat Has Star Quality

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