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Rating: 1

Please don't shop here!

posted 7 years ago

I posted this review under the other listing for this store as well. I'm not sure why I found that one first but I wanted to post it here too. I think that people need to know how terrible this store is.

I went to this store for the first time today and the conditions are unacceptable. We were greeted by a horrible stench when we walked in the door. The entire place smells of dead fish and bird feces. The entire store is just absolutely filthy!

Our reason for the visit was to check out their fish selection so we decided to take a look anyway and give it a shot. We personally have many tanks at home and understand that different fish come from different water conditions. I understand that some like algae and eat it. The first tank we looked at was full of empty snail shells. It smelled like snails had been dying and rotting in the tank with no effort to clean it. There were plants for sale in this tank but they were covered in algae. We walked through the rest of the fish section and found similar situations. There were lots of dead fish and some tanks just COVERED in long hair algae and other types. Some were so covered that you couldn't even see the fish inside. The gravel looked like it hadn't been vacuumed in ages.

We then moved to the back of the store where we encountered the Alligator tank. There were 6-7 alligators stuffed into a tank that was approx. 5'x7' and half full of water. The tank had a regular fish tank flip top lid and was not locked in any way. Two of the alligators were around 6' long and the others were between 3'-4'. The water was not clean and they seemed very unhappy. There was no place for them to leave the water and they were forced to live stacked on top of one another. First of all - these should NOT be in a pet store. These are dangerous creatures and should not be sold to the average consumer. BUT if you are going to have them - you should care for them properly!

We moved on to the reptile section where we saw cages full of feces and filthy water. Many cages were overstocked and the animals did not look healthy. One display was especially bothersome. It housed boa constrictors and a giant lizard that was unlabeled. The display was very unsafe. There were plexi-glass sliding doors that had absolutely no locks or closures on them. Anyone could reach in at any point and I am sure that the animals could escape with little effort. One cage had ratty duct tape on it as if they had used it in the past to hold it shut.

The final thing that we saw on the way out was the rodent/bird section. These were cages sitting on the floor. They were all filthy and did not provide adequate room/nutrition for the animals. One cage had two(at least) hamsters in it and they had approx. 6"x4" of space to live in. I saw no food or water available to them.

This store made me feel absolutely sick. I understand that pet stores and pets in general require a lot of maintenance. This store just seems like it doesn't care. There are so many easy things that they could fix - like actually attempting to care for the animals in their store. I can say that I will NEVER go to this store again and would certainly never give them a penny of my hard earned money. I can't understand how they are still in business.

Pros: honestly - not many

Cons: basically everything

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sharon d.
Rating: 1

Haven't gone back

posted 7 years ago

I was out there twice a while back,and I have to say that I thought the place disgusting.
The fish tanks looked bad,the birds looked sick,the poor bettas were lined along the windowsills in vases,with all day sun hitting on them,had half or more fish dead.
They had a cement frog pond in the back-full of frogs,and trash,and both times that I was there,there wasn't a thing for those poor frogs to climb on to.When I tried to tell some of the workers,they couldn't even speak English!
I've seen some bad places,but I really thought this was the worst.I haven't been back since then.

Pros: Not too far from home

Cons: everything

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