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Through our gates pass some of the most WONDERFUL animals in the world! The City of Ellensburg Animal Shelter was built in 1973 and is open admissions, municipal shelter giving refuge to up to 1600 small animals a year. We are the only Animal Shelter in Kittitas County with a population of about 37,000. Staff is responsible for animal control and dog/cat licensing inside the city limits and sheltering services, education and referrals for Ellensburg, as well as areas outside the city limits. Our service area is 2,297 square miles. The City of Ellensburg Animal Shelter has a very dedicated staff and volunteers who are committed to making the lives of animals better!

Let us tell you how far we have come... Ellensburg is a very diverse community, comprised of both rural/farming, as well as a University student population of nearly 8,000. Our shelter staff and volunteers work very hard to educate everyone in our community about responsible pet ownership. The lucky animals make it into our shelter, but thousands of UN lucky Kittitas County's animals are unable to be helped due to our shelter's limited space and resources. Being an "open admissions" shelter that handles animal control is tough as we cannot pick and choose which animals come through our doors. On top of this our animal holding space is extremely limited. Because of these factors, for years our euthanasia rate was very high - 70%. We began to aggressively look at all available options. We formed committees that were comprised of shelter employees, city officials, residents, local Veterinarians, rescue groups and the Humane Society of the United States. WE HAD A DREAM... Two years ago we began a vigorous adoption/education campaign, built a strong volunteer program and partnered with rescue groups to help transfer our animals to safety. Since the inception of these programs the Ellensburg Animal Shelter's euthanasia rate has dropped to an INCREDIBLE 4.3%. If we can make that kind of improvement with the limited resources we have...IMAGINE what we could do if we won the Million Dollar Make over! We have the desire and the drive, now all we need is to win!

Here is why we really need the one million dollar Make over. Our animal shelter was built before standards in sheltering existed and the building has many deficiencies staff must battle daily. Our dog kennels have one central, open sewer drain. We have NO isolation area for either cats or dogs. We have NO quarantine area for animals. Our euthanasia area doubles as our volunteer area. The idea of a spay/neuter area is but a pipe dream at this time. The entire shelter including dog and cat housing is less then 1900 square feet. In addition to dogs and cats the Ellensburg Shelter also takes in many "other type" animals such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, birds etc. Sadly, we have no area for these animals so they must be housed with our cats. The Ellensburg Shelter has only 16 dog kennels and 14 cat cages housing up to 1600 animals a year and there is no room to add anymore.
The dog kennels are not meant to house puppies as the gutters are so deep the puppies get stuck in them. We must stuff the gutters with towels to try to prevent puppy injury. We handle many large animal complaints such as horses, cows, pigs, goats etc. and have no place or means to impound them or house them. When we are lucky enough to fit a large pig or goat into our animal control van to impound them these animals must be housed right along side our dogs in our dog kennel area. The dog kennels are directly attached to the front office/lobby area so our daily world is a bit on the "loud" side, especially when trying to talk to a customer or listen to a telephone call! Our lobby area is a whopping 40 square feet! This is where all the public comes to release or pick-up an animal or with questions or for adoption. Sometimes we have 10 people with animals in this space! You can see the challenges this area poses when you view our shelter pictures. In Ellensburg our weather gets very cold and snowy. Our dog kennels were constructed as indoor/outdoor so in order for the public to view our adoptable dogs we have to keep the kennels open to the outside which makes our dogs cold and is not inviting to the public to view dogs outside in inclement weather. Our priority is, and has always been the animals, but having a facility that can accommodate staff will help us to be more efficient and will ensure better care, more adoptions and timely solutions for all animals under our care. Currently our staff is literally stepping on each other while trying to work. The only restroom in the facility is inside of the managers 6' x 7' office.
We encourage you to visit our facility, and while we are extremely proud of the work we do and the service we provide, I think you'll agree that we are in dire need of a ONE MILLION DOLLAR MAKEOVER!

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Sharon P.
Rating: 4

Ellensbur Animal Shelter

posted 6 years ago

I belong to a club that donated to a volunteer group - Friends of the animal shelter $200, a worthy charity.

Pros: Working hard for the sake of the animals

Cons: need a new shelter or remodel

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Rating: 4

Eburg animal shelter

posted 6 years ago

a great place to get a forever friend.

Pros: caring staff

Cons: small

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