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posted 4 years ago

I'm not sure where Claviclexoxo was - the National Cat Protection Society I know treats their kitties extremely well. I imagine they take in all of the cats and kittens they possibly can. That's why they're there - but how can they when cat overpopulation is extreme and shelter space is finite?

The staff and volunteers keep the pens extremely clean, routinely give love and attention to the cats (in larger, cleaner pens than I've seen at Humane Societies), and even offer a huge, completely open building for the retirement/senior cats. This building is incredible - it has a pier with little steps to it, waves made from aluminum and a scratching post that reaches to the ceiling! That said, I really don't think Claviclexoxo’s groomer was at the same shelter.

By the way, they've been around since 1968. As a doting mom of three cats, I get their newsletter, go to their events and like them on Facebook - and they’re trying like crazy to get their kitties adopted while making space for incoming ones. With as much as they do for cats, their business is going to go on - helping countless homeless kitties - far into the future. Honestly, I can't believe that anybody would want to get in their way.

Pros: Cat care, adoption, retirement

Cons: None

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