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posted 2 years ago

I emailed this rescue for help with rehoming my special-needs cat. I was sent a response that my situation was "hopeless", she should just be euthanized, and that there was "no such place" that existed that would take her. These were her exact words. She even "promised" that no one would "fit the bill". Already in an emotionally compromised state at having to surrender my cat for her best interest, her words were cruel and unhelpful. Every other rescue that wasn't able to help tried their best to give me contacts elsewhere, or at the very least said they were sorry and couldn't help, but wished me luck in a very professional fashion.

I responded after several days of trying to find a civil way of telling her how cruel she had been, and was met with "I appreciate your taking the time to give me hell" and name-calling. She then tried to backpedal by sending a one-line (subject-line, even, no body text) email that I was right, she was sorry, please disregard the last email. As though that made it all better. When I told her I planned to report my experiences to the public, she returned to name-calling, telling me I had some kind of hidden-agenda and that I was out for revenge.

What's more, I always signed my name to my statements. I stand behind my words. Not once did she ever give her name, though she gave me every excuse in the book as to why she was the victim in our exchange.

I would not support this place. I am sure the cats need the help, but the owner/executive director needs to seriously step down. She is unprofessional, cruel, degrading, rude, and snarky. She insists on getting the last word in and didn't even read my entire initial email (otherwise she'd have known my cat didn't have a history of injuries, which I stated).

Completely dissatisfied, and I will be reporting as such everywhere I can to warn people ahead of time. She is a really quite terrible person who makes excuses, won't put in the effort to help if things are slightly harder, calls people names, and is overall rather fractious.

Pros: None

Cons: Unhelpful, rude, cruel, name-calling

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