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MaxFund is a very small shelter with a BIG heart! We are a true No-Kill Animal Shelter located in Denver, CO. We take in stray, injured and abused dogs and cats with no known owners. If surgery, medicine or other costs are required, we assume that responsibility. Because we don't "sort" animals into adoptable or unadoptable (every animal is adoptable!) our costs of operation are higher than average shelters, but the reward is higher as well! Our goal is to place all of our animals in new loving forever homes!

There are countless stories volunteers and staff could tell of animals that came in with crushed limbs (one cat with a crushed pelvis comes to mind) or with severe medical problems that would have undoubtedly meant euthanasia at other shelters. Other animals have come in with behavioral issues or fear/anxiety issues. After taking time with them (often months or years), showing them the good that the world has to offer, training them with the help of our volunteers, and with general love, these animals are able to find their forever homes. We routinely spend thousands of dollars on animals in our care in need of extensive surgeries or 24-hour care treatments. Because we spend most of our money on the animals rather then the building itself, our shelter could desperately use a makeover. All you have to do is visit the shelter to see for yourself! Our building has heart and soul, but could use a lot more of about everything!
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MaxFund Broke My Family's Heart

posted 7 years ago

My experience with MaxFund has happened just in the recent days.

I went to Maxfund on a recommondation of a friend who said they were a no kill shelter that was in the metro area of Denver. My Boyfriend and I went to Maxfund to find a dog to both be my companion and the companion of our Chihuahua, Kouma.

After looking around we instantly fell in love with a small chihuahua that we just couldn't get enough of. Having already filled out the application we turned it in and were told that a *hold* would be put on the dog. During the Thanksgiving celebrations I waited in anticipation for a call back. I checked the site at least four-five times a day wanting to see whether any changes had been made. I was so excited to see an adoption pending status go up on the little dog that I pointed it out to my boyfriend and called my mother.

Days passed and I called the Maxfund to check on her status, like I would if I were looking for a job that I really wanted. I figured that it would show interest and devotion. My heart was set on this little pooch. Well, today I called the shelter to find out the status yet again and to my surprise she had already been adopted by someone else. Wait a minute! I thought I had a hold on her! And they didn't even tell me that I was denied. So here I am falling in love with this dog and waiting to hear back and they don't even have the consideration to call me and let me down easily.

Their tone throughout the entire conversation I had with them was cold and unsympathetic. It made me feel like they didn't even care about the people that they were trying to adopt these animals to. We would have provided a wonderful home for her, plenty of room for her to run around, a comfy bed for her to sleep in, and a yard for her to share with a companion chihuahua. Their treatment of us was poor and quite honestly cruel. I was so upset by the entire thing that I had to hang up on the person I was talking to because I suddenly started to cry.

I will never attempt to adopt from MaxFund, ever. Honestly, what's the point of getting out hopes up, and preparing ourselves for the new arrival if they don't even take the consideration of the animal and the *people* to heart. Though the Dumb Friends League might be a kill shelter, at least our experience with them has been kind both to us and to the animals they are trying to adopt away. Not only that but the Dumb Friends League holds to their word and are honorable in what they do, unlike the MaxFund. If a hold has been put on an animal no others may apply for her.

MaxFund is both dishonorable and skeevy in their practices and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. After all, let them keep their animals; they are a no kill shelter anyway, so they are safe where they are. Where as the Dumb Friends League needs people's support so that they may provide homes for animals that may otherwise never experience it.

Unless you want your heart broken, don't support them. They don't care about your feelings anyway, trust me.

Pros: None

Cons: Bad Costumer Service and a complete disregard for adoptees feelings

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Anita Marie M.
Rating: 5


posted 7 years ago

The Maxfund is where my husband and I got two of our three kitty guys. The staff is helpful and the kitties are well loved. Go there and get a friend today!

Pros: lots of love

Cons: hard to park

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