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2002 Old Alvin RoadPearland, TX 77581
Hours: Monday 8:00am-5:00pm Tuesday thru Friday 8:00am-6:00pm Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm Sunday 1:00pm-4:00pm

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The City of Pearland Animal Control and Adoption Center is the base of operations for the City of Pearland. The shelter accepts adoption applications from adults who wish to provide our pets with a new home, regardless of the adopter's city of residence.

You may also view our animals and shelter information on websites:

Our animal control officers are trained professionals. Our primary function is rabies prevention and public awareness. They also assist the public with any other animal control issues. In addition to field duties, the officers assist with cleaning the shelter and providing care for impounded animals.

Our staff prides itself on community education and is avalible to assist or speak at various community programs. Please call our office if you would like to have an animal control representative speak at your event.

We want to THANK EVERYONE for their support! We apperciate it!

Important Regulations for the CITY OF PEARLAND Residents
The following ordinances are condensed. A copy of these ordinances in their entirety can be obtained at and at Pearland City Hall.

Sec.6-3 Animal at Large
Animals (felines included) with in the city must be either confined by a structure, or leashed in the hands of the owner. If the animal must be chained or tied for restraint there must be a fence to enclose the chained or tied animal as well.

Sec. 6-54 License Required
Canine or feline owners shall annually register their animals with the city. The issued license tag must be securley attached to the collar of the animal and worn at all times.

Sec.6-56 Vaccination required
Canine or feline owners shall have their pets vaccinatedagainst the rabies virus before four(4) months of age, and again within twelve months.

Sec. 6-71 Number of animals
A person may own no more that three (3) cats or dogs in any combination at one household within the city.

Other related ordinances:
Sec. 6-5 Nuisance Abatement
a.) Noise
b.) At-Large

Sec. 6-22 Attractive environment
(feeding animals outside)

Please contact our office for more information on owning livestock in the City of Pearland.

Do NOT pet unfamiliar animals
Do NOT tease animals
Do NOT suprise any animal
Do NOT touch a sleeping animal
Do NOT bother a dog while it is eating
Do NOT leave small children alone with a dog

Body or tail is stiff
Tail hanging down or is tucked between legs
Growling, hair standing on end
Ears back
Body is croched with head down

1.) Immediately wash wound with soap and water.
2.) Check with your physician for treatment advice.
3.) Report the bite to the local Animal Control Agency. Animal control personnel are trained professionals that can apprehend the biting animal and assure that it is placed into rabies quarantine.
4.) Consult your physician or local/state public health officials if questions arise about the need for rabies treatment.

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Reader's Reviews (37)
Jerry F.
Rating: 5

Positive Plus

posted 6 years ago

Attitude makes all the difference, and these folks have a very positive attitude in a very stressful job. Getting the pets into homes instead of euthanizing them is goal one. Thank you for all you do.

Pros: Better here than at so many other places

Cons: None

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Rating: 5

Shelters working together

posted 7 years ago

So many people have no idea that animal control agencies work with other animal shelters and breed rescues; they do everything in the power not to have to terminate a healthy animal. They work several hours contacting rescue groups for assistance but unfortunately there are 10 animals to the 1 human in the USA. Over 3,500 animals are born EVERY HOUR compared to only 400 children each hour.

We need to control the pet population, please spay and neuter your pet today!

Pros: Helpful when it comes to transfering animals to shelters

Cons: They need more kennel space since the area is growing so much

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