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St. Tammany Humane Society: Then and Now

The St. Tammany Humane Society was built in 1953. Founded by Holly Frederick Reynolds in memory of her cocker spaniel, Yankee Doodle Dandy, it endeavors to embody the vision that Holly had of a safe haven for neglected, abandoned, or abused animals in the community of St. Tammany. Holly Frederick Reynolds is also credited with founding other non-profit animal welfare organizations, including CAAWS (Capital Area Animal Welfare Society) and COLA (Coalition of Louisiana Animal Advocates). She has been labeled as the mother of the modern humane movement in Louisiana and we are proud to be at the current helm of an organization that strives to extend and honor her legacy by carrying her dream to fruition – saving, healing, and re-homing one devastated dog and cast-away cat at a time.

I will not bore one with the redundancy of recounting our seemingly endless list of needed improvements regarding the physical structure of our antiquated facility. Since entering this contest, we (reciting our wish list during our daydreams here at the shelter) have been prompted to take a hard definitive look at the realistic condition and inadequacies that we face from day to day in our struggle to maintain such a geriatric dated facility. The final analysis indicated a lengthy list of disrepair and decrepitude resulting in fire hazards, safety issues, animal welfare concerns, and staggering expenses required to amend these deficiencies. From wiring to drainage to heating/cooling – all are in severe need of repair.

Some, though not all, of our issues are attributable to the effects we suffer throughout the course of the notorious Louisiana hurricane season. Five years after Hurricane Katrina, we still witness and are forced to attempt to mitigate the population explosion of homeless dogs and cats in this and surrounding areas. Hurricane Gustav brought a mighty challenge with him as well: knowing that our kennels flood severely with each heavy rain, what were we to do with 100 dogs and 40 cats in our care?? The support of our community during our time of need and duress was overwhelming and nothing short of miraculous. The community of St. Tammany took 87 dogs (our kennel director took the remainder) and 40 cats either into their homes or along with them on the long and tiresome trek of evacuation. The safety of our animals throughout this tumultuous and unpredictable time lay in the hands of our generous and caring community.
On a more positive note – yes, there is one - the face of St. Tammany Humane Society has certainly changed over the years. With the appearance of Animal Control Services in 1994, we were finally able to achieve what was long hoped for – the dream of becoming a no-kill shelter. We are currently the only no-kill shelter in St. Tammany or any surrounding parish. STHS has also integrated a full service vet clinic, providing care not only to our shelter animals and adopters, but the open public as well. We offer low cost spay and neuters, vaccinations, heartworm treatment, dentals, general animal care, and various minor surgeries. Dr. Johnston, the main veterinarian on staff, has been a dedicated employee of the Humane Society for 8 years. In these 8 years, she has witnessed an increase in the number of animals we are able to intake at the shelter, improvements in animal care and vet clinic, the emergence of a more positive image projected to the community, and more involvement with other rescue organizations.

Two other programs that are in place, and which we take pride in, are the Feral Cat Project and the Second Chance Fund. In an effort to combat the runaway cat overpopulation, the Feral Cat Project was initiated by long time STHS volunteer, organizer, and board member Darlene Vaccaro. Each week, approximately 30 stray or feral cats come screeching though our door – and leave, to reproduce no more. The Second Chance Fund is a relatively new program designed to do exactly as its name suggests: giving a second chance to a dog or cat who may otherwise have no hope. These dogs or cats are selected by the severity of their condition. They may need a specialist or extensive surgery that cannot be performed at the shelter, etc. All money donated to the Second Chance Fund goes to helping these animals gain a new leash on life; everyone needs a Second Chance!

This is who we were then, who were are now, and what we do to save and heal the homeless dogs and cats in our community. Please help us to expand our vision. Help us to realize our goal of never having to say, “I’m sorry, we have no more room here” to the numerous animals we are forced to turn away for lack of space and, at times, unsafe conditions.

Vote STHS for new shelter makeover!!! WE LOVE ZOOTOO!!!!!

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Reader's Reviews (255)
Tina P.
Rating: 5

The best NO-KILL shelter here! The best, the best, the best!

posted 6 years ago

I have been a client of this shelter and their vet for several years now. I learned about zootoo from them in their newsletter. Their Staff Veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Johnston is the best, most competent vet I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She knows exactly how much a nervine I am with my babies and her 'relief' vets are chosen very carefully! The last time I was there when Rusty was sick she made sure to tell me her relief vet would be there on Saturday should I need to come back and she assured me I would love her!

Well, little did I know that Patches/Pattie would become sick only 2 days later on the weekend and I had to go to the Emergency Vet with her. Well, the vet there is our relief vet at STHS! She is awesome too!

Then, there's the reception and adoption staff...Jessica, Denise, and Michelle, they're the best! They know their jobs and handle them professionally with the utmost care that I've ever experienced!

The vet tech's...Natalie and Jean (I think) are awesome as well! They know exactly how to handle the animal's and they do it well!

The shelter manager, Vaughn Maurice is one of the most professional manager's I've ever met and dealt with. I did some volunteer work there for a few days and he is awesome to work with!

If you live in St. Tammany should take your pets there! Additionally, don't adopt from them too! You'll never regret using their services!

Pros: The staff, their knowledge, great location, just read below for more!


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Lindsey S.
Rating: 5

Love this shelter! :)

posted 6 years ago

I have volunteered at this shelter when I was younger, and it was a great experience. The staff are amazing and so caring for their animals and customers.
I recently picked up a stray beagle in Baton Rouge where I go to school. I brought her to the St. Tammany Humane Society to receive her shots, have her spayed, and to remove some dangling, troublesome due claws. They did such a great job! They took great care of her for us! They also have a function once a year at a local park that offers discounted yearly shots and also heartworm meds and other services! It is really great and we bring all of our dogs there every year!



Pros: Non-kill shelter!

Cons: Can't think of any

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