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Rating: 5

Great experience!

posted 2 years ago

I've just came across these reviews. My experience was totally different. The people that worked there seemed to genuinely love the animals. I couldn't find a Pomeranian puppy anywhere except a breeder. I found my little pom baby girl and got the shots and spay too. It was a great deal as my mom just paid several hundred to spay her dog. They told me all the things to watch out for to keep her healthy and even offered to let me use their vet for any problems the first 10 days after the adoption. But I had no problems at all. She is about 6 months old now and spayed and all her vaccines. The vet I took her to for the spay was great as well so I kept him as my vet. I have and will continue to refer people to Forever Friends to adopt a pet.

Pros: quick adoption, had the breed i was looking for, healthy puppies, answered my phone call

Cons: it was busy, they could use more volunteers

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Rating: 3

A distraught experience

posted 2 years ago

We were looking on petfinder and many other websites searching for a companion to one of our current dogs Dakota. Dakota is always trying to play with our 15 year old dog Samantha, but she has no interest in toys or wrestling. So we began the search for a new dog. I came across a dog that was a dachshund/poodle mix. It was was located at forever friends in KC. It was just a puppy at around 8 weeks old. On the website it said she was current to all age appropriate vaccinations and will be spayed (which is included in the adoption cost) at an age appropriate time. We decided to visit her that day and I fell in love with her. She was the last one of the litter and the runt. She only weighed a rough 3 pounds. We adopted her that day at a pricey cost of 400. I thought it wasn't horrible considering it included microchip, and vaccinations. We got the paper work and took her home. She was all fine and playful until about 6 days later. She was unusually sleepy and lethargic. The next day she didn't cry in the morning and wake me up like most puppies do. I didn't end of waking up till around 9am when she usually wakes me up at 5:30. I let her outside and she had bad diarrhea, later that day she vomited multiple times. Worried about my little puppy we took her to petsmart to get her checked out by he vet there. (She also had not been eating for about 16 hours). Unfortunately it was 6:55 when we got there and the vet leaves at 7pm. The vet recommend us to go to blue pearl. We went home first hoping she would be ok till the next day and go to our vet. But at home it got worse. She was vomiting every couple minutes and she was now all bones. So we took her to blue pearl and they supposedly checked her for parvo (it came out negative) and then injected her with liquids because she was so dehydrated. We took her home that night and she just passed out in her kennel. The next morning she was no better the vet told us to give her sugar water and feed her noodles. She drank the water but refused to eat. She didn't look any better so we took her to the vet by Tiffany springs. He kept her till 7pm and used an iv treatment and many different shots. They closed at 7 and they recommended us to a place in north oak a animal emergency place down to road from blue pearl. They were much cheaper. They ended up testing her for parvo again since she had bloody diareah. (The last vet already figured out she had tape worm, but that wouldn't cause the GI). She was a strong positive for parvo so they began treatment for that. They told us her chances were 50/50 because she was so little. They again used the iv and put her on a heating pad. We picked her up the next morning and brought her back to the vet at Tiffany springs. He continued treatment for the next day. When we picked her up later that day she was feeling much better. We had anti vomiting medicine to give her 4x a day. She was again playful and ate like a pig. Unfortunately she threw it up. We called back the vet and he said we must have fed her too much. Later she wasn't really eating, she only ate a little. My mom posted a rather nasty review on forever friends Facebook page. I thought it was a little much and I personally believe that she had parvo before she was there as the incubation time can be up to 10 days and they only had her for 3. FFAL called us and we talked to them they said that they wished we would have called them first because they are in with a parvo treatment place in savannah by st joe. We met up with Debbie at a quick trip and she took little Skye to savannah to get some more treatment. She sincerely seemed concerned and surprised that she had parvo. She wouldn't even touch her crate because she had other puppies in the car and didn't want it to spread. Right now she is in the angel hospital in savannah getting more iv and treatment. They said they won't return her until she can keep food down again. FFAL is paying for this treatment. My little baby seems to be beating parvo. After all this I read the reviews and I'm kinda worried about this place. She seemed shocked that she had parvo but many of the other comments seemed to be going threw the same thing. Overall I'm neutral about FFAL they are nice but I'm not so sure about WHERE they get their puppies from.

Pros: Willing to help, fast adoption, up to date vaccines

Cons: Puppy parvo, expensive

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