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The Central Missouri Humane Society is the largest open-door shelter from Kansas City to St. Louis and down to Springfield! We are devoted to our mission of preventing cruelty to and alleviating suffering of all animals. We are committed to responsible pet ownership and elevating the welfare of all animals through our adoption, education, and intervention programs. Last year, CMHS sheltered more than 7,500 unwanted or homeless animals. CMHS took at least one animal from more than 50 mid-Missouri counties. An open-door shelter means we never turn any animal away. The shelter has housed everything from cats, dogs, rats, rabbits, ferrets, and various reptiles to exotic birds and livestock.

On a daily basis, shelter staff makes room for more of our communities furry orphans by doubling up dogs in kennels, stacking animals in crates, sending animals into foster care and utilizing offices for additional space.

Did you know that it takes $17,000 to run the shelter every week?
CMHS receives no national funding from any other organization such as the
Humane Society of the United States or the ASPCA. Our shelter fundraises nearly
$900,000 every year from generous donations from our supporters!

We are dedicated to offering our community affordable options which allow
them to become responsible pet owners. CMHS offers low-cost spaying and
neutering services, affordable micro chipping and low-cost vaccinations.

How much is that doggy in the window?
In addition to working with citizens of Missouri, CMHS also intakes animals
from the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s puppy mill busts. Running a
shelter in a state filled with puppy mills is no easy feat. CMHS staff and
volunteers have cared for countless animals taken from these inhumane
conditions and, with a little love and a bath or two, have happily rehomed them

10. Aesthetically ... we look depressing. Drab colors, no natural light. Our Feng has no Shui.
9. Our counter space is like a walk-in closet and staff works elbow to elbow. We are wound together like pretzels reaching for forms, the money box, and animal records.
8. No meeting rooms for people and pets which makes it difficult to make that super important love connection.
7. Washers and dryers are overwhelmed daily by the dirty laundry of 200 homeless pets!
6. No isolation! Our little furry orphans get sick even with proper cleaning and sterilization!
5. Dog in the indoor runs have to potty and exercise in muddy gravel areas with no shelter! Very bad during spring thunderstorms!
4. Cat and small animal rooms are right off the kennels, so these sensitive animals are stressed by the constant barking!
3. Cats live in small cages and sometimes crates! There is no where for them to stretch out or socialize. They just want to soak up a little sun!
2. Ventilation system and kennel set up is dated to 1978. Dogs are in an environment that can hurt them instead of help them!
1. We cared for more than 7,500 unwanted and homeless orphans last year! We need help in a million different ways. Those were just a few!

Interested in learning more? Check out our website at www.cmhspets.org!

SPECIAL THANKS: CMHS would like to thank Libby and Amanda, two of our thirteen year-old volunteers, for inspiring a community to rally behind our shelter! We thank all of our staff for caring so deeply about our mission and volunteers for dedicating their spare time to help care for animals and host events! To all of our zootoo-ers....thanks for the hours and hours online maxing-out those points! Win or lose....you've made us FEEL like a million dollar shelter! Thanks for sharing this wonderful, roller-coaster-ride of an opportunity!

See our video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVlrRUsNuEo

CMHS Blue for Zootoo Pet Parade story and video! www.komu.com/satellite/SatelliteRender/KOMU.com/ba8a4513-c0a8-2f11-0063-9bd94c70b769/98044fc0-80ce-0971-01e8-8143325cc118

How it all got started including video www.komu.com/satellite/SatelliteRender/KOMU.com/ba8a4513-c0a8-2f11-0063-9bd94c70b769/5e4b87dc-80ce-0971-0093-7ee54830f569

Blue for Zootoo Day traptlight.smugmug.com/gallery/7620710_hz6Ko#492921308_x96CV

GREAT PICS of our visit with Zootoo! traptlight.smugmug.com/gallery/7666506_meRD8#494973202_4EYNh

Zootoo article about Amanda and Libby.

Amanda and Libby thank the community.

Zootoo visit article www.columbiatribune.com/news/2009/mar/19/zootoo-tour/
Another one www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2009/03/19/zootoo-visits-columbia-nationwide-tour/

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Rating: 5

My Dogs

posted 6 years ago

Duke is my third dog that I rescued from the Humane Society and all 3 animals have been fantastic. I could not have been ahppier with the service the society provided and the continaul service afterwards.

Pros: They are Great

Cons: None

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Rating: 5

Checking in for spay/neuter at Central Missouri Humane Society

posted 6 years ago

We took both of our dogs in for spay/neuter. The price was about 1/2 of what our local vets charge. THAT's the reason for our wait in line!

Pros: Great customer service and spay/neuter prices

Cons: Had to wait in line at drop off time

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