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Do your research

posted 2 years ago

I strongly encourage anyone thinking about adopting from Doggy Doodles to contact the "vet" they claim they are using and to check out Missouri Case Net to see the legal problems the owner has had in the past with paying vets. I had an awful heartbreaking situation with this adoption agency. I am angry at myself for not doing more research about the matter. Sadly enough I don't think anyone sees these reviews until they got scammed themselves. I encourage anyone who had a problem with any rescue agency to report to the MO department of agriculture.

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

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Rating: 1


posted 2 years ago

This "rescue" is a scam. My husband found a dog on Petfinder that listed this rescue. He made an appointment and visited with the dog. He was told the adoption fee was only 200$. On the Petfinder Profile the fee was 265$. Which was supposed to cover shots, spay/neuter, & microchip. I thought the lower fee was suspicious but figured maybe they had not been able to neuter the dog or microchip it yet. He picked out the dog and told Christa the "owner" that he would be back in two days to pick up the dog when he got paid. The evening before we were to pick up the dog I found an ad on Craig's List from a PetCo employee who warned of this rescue and said this woman had sold a puppy to a friend of his and it had developed Parvo and died. He alleged that this facility was taking free animals from Craig's List and selling them saying they had been vetted. He also claimed that she had even asked him for animals when he posted on Craig's list looking for a pet for a friend. I corresponded with this person back and forth and was still not convinced. Willing to give her the benefit of the doubt my husband went to pick up the dog and asked to see the vet papers. He told her what we had found out online and she immediately told him she no longer felt comfortable adopting to him. He tried to explain that he was simply concerned and if all her vet paperwork was in order it would be no problem. She was very rude and told him that she didn't have to explain herself to anyone and that the puppy that was referred to did not get Parvo from her home. My husband kept telling her it was not a problem as long as we could speak with her vet and verify her story was correct and tour her "facility". She at first balked at this and told him that it was her private home and she would not show him. After awhile she finally relented and took him on a tour of her basement which included several cages. He estimates that she had about 15-20 adult dogs and 2 litters of puppies all together including the litter that the dogs with Parvo came from. When he asked to contact the vet she told him they were closed for the day. She gave him a card for Florissant Animal Hospital. This woman lives in the LEMAY AREA. Lemay Animal Hospital is literally 5 minutes from her home, but she uses Florissant Animal Hospital? She explained that they were the only vet willing to work on a payment plan. Still trying to give her the benefit of the doubt my husband took her card plus the card with the vet's info on it and brought it home. He told her he would be calling the vet in the morning when they opened and if it checked out he and my four year old son would be picking up the dog. At this point we had already shown him pictures and bought all the supplies and named him. Of course when my husband contacted the vet the next day they stated they would not deal with this rescue any longer or see dogs that had come from there. When my husband tried contacting Christa again she refused to take his calls and stated she was "afraid" to speak with him. She then tried to say that we misunderstood and that she was only recommending this vet and that they do all vaccinations in home. We even offered to give her 50$ for her time and care of the animal and that we would take it to our vet for parvo test, etc. She refused. After some investigation my husband found out that not only is she operating an illegal rescue as the City of St. Louis only allows 4 adult dogs in a residential home at one time but that she rents her home and doesn't even own this property. Regardless of her tax exempt status she is not allowed to have this many animals in a residential home. She has been reported to animal control, Building Inspection, Humane Society, & Fox 2 News. Most of the places we spoke to were aware of the situation and had had several complaints about this "rescue". Animal control told my husband that they were never able to do anything because no one had been inside until now. This happened about 2 weeks ago shortly before all these "positive" reviews showed up. I am here to say not to fool with this woman and her sick animals. Go to the Humane Society and adopt an animal that has been vetted and truly needs a home as they do euthanize. We went the same day we were blown off by her and lied to and ended up adopting a gorgeous little Boxer mix. I truly believe we made the right decision. I feel sorry for the animals in her care but I cannot support this woman by paying her to give me an animal she got for free.

Pros: none

Cons: sick animals, not vetted

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