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posted 5 years ago

CISAR's shelter - in my opinion was a dirty barn filled with indoor and outdoor kennels and cages. They place was filled with different odors including feces, open sores on some of the dogs ears and legs and regurgitated food.

They had multiple dogs in each kennel - they had moderate space to roam in their kennels but some of the dogs they had places in each cage didn't get along with the other dogs it was housing with.

The place is chaotic and unorganized. I had a young man take out a dog I was thinking about adopting (and still am...) and as soon as that dog was out of the cage there were 3-4 dog fights in the cages down the line. One small pug/mini pincher mix actually tried climbing the fence to get away from the rough action and got itself caught in the chain link. It took two workers to get him free..

The grass isn't mowed very well half the time and when I led my potential adoptee out in the grass away from the other dogs I was getting eaten up by chiggers and other critters that house themselves in tall grass.

The overall experience was stress full. When we actually went into the building to take a tour there was nobody there to assist us.. we had to tour through an 'Employee Only' are for 10 minutes before we found someone else who could help us.

I do believe their hearts are in the right place. I also think this shelter is taking on WAY more than they can handle.

The way the shelter is run and the way some of the dogs look makes me want to rescue all of them from the rescue shelter! It's the only thing holding me back from actually adopting..

Pros: They have their hearts in the right place

Cons: Dirty, Stinks, sickly dogs.

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