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Animal Care and No-Kill Facility

posted 5 years ago

My family adopted a small dog several years ago. He was Hurricane Katrina survivor that was scheduled for euthanasia at another shelter when CISAR took him. The staff at CISAR cared for him, and nursed him back to health - they even continued care after we adopted him.

I am appalled by kill-shelters who hold such little regard for life. I am eternally grateful to CISAR for rescuing my Sammy.

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[updated on 2010-03-20 01:17:56 GMT]:
Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue (CISAR) adopted out nearly 1,000 dogs and cats in 2009. This number is up, from about 850 in 2008.

CISAR is a No-Kill facility, meaning that we do not euthnaize animals just because of their breed or temperament. We provide food, shelter and care for up to nearly 150 dogs and 175 cats at any given time.

Animals recieve top-notch veterinary care and behavioral training when needed.

Animals that exhibit agressive tendencies are segregated, but still given a chance to live.

In 2009, CISAR opened a Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic to provide residents in Central Illinois an opportunity to give their companion animals great medical care, at a reasonable cost.

If you could save a life, wouldn't you?

Pros: Caring staff, No-Kill facility, top-notch - Low-Cost Vet Care

Cons: Needs more support

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Rating: 5

The Few Providing for the Many

posted 5 years ago

I have been working with CISAR for quite a while now and for about 4 months on a very consistent routine. I have gained experiences that I will never forget for the rest of my life.
I have gained knowlegde that has helped me to appreciate animals that I never had before, and a love of those who love animals. Plus a calling in life that I never knew I could do or enjoy .

CISAR has worked very hard and given much to become what it is today. It has saved the lives of thousands of animals and still comes back wanting to do more.

Pat and Gary saw a need and took care of it. They have given their lives to CISAR. They give every ounce of what they have and still find ways to give more.

They have a bare bones staff that does an amazing job, and gets it done. They deal with conditions that make people cringe to go into and love it, they love the animals. They love what they do and do it until they are worn down to nothing every single day, and then come back and do it again the next day, with optimism none the less.

But with all that we have done out there we still seem to be underappreciated by some.

Dealing with the people that you wish you could slap upside the head and knock some sense in. People who think they know what they are talking about when they critique the efforts of CISAR or the "conditions" therein, but sit there and do nothing when they see that there is a need for effort not negativity.

Every animal there has a name, has a personality, and has a LIFE. We know them, they are not some blank animal that we just give logging to. We love them and work our butts off to make sure they can go to a home and be a contributing part of the family. This being after they have been thrown away by a family possibly that same week.

For someone to make a true comment on the conditions, treatment, status or nature of our hearts or actions without have the knowledge of what we actually do is ridiculous.

We deal with dozens of new dogs that are unwanted, abused, aggressive, or forgotten. And we do it with a smile. Dealing with the worst treatment to some of Gods sweetest creations. Bitterness and malice are shunned and a outlook that all dogs are good, and that Humans screw them up is what we adopt with each dog that enters into CISAR.

Like I said earlier, every animal there has a name, has a personality, and has a LIFE. Without us they wouldn't, PERIOD.

No matter how many bad comments or reviews we take from people out there that think they know what they are saying, think they know the situations, and think they know better, WE are still the ones dealing with it, we are the ones taking ACTION and taking CARE of the situation. Not sitting back and watching it happen.

Every last loving hand helps. If anyone has any HELPFUL input or improvements or feedback for us we would always love to hear them. If there is anyone who is tired of sitting back who would like to actually help our cause, come out and help us do it!


Pros: Wide variety of breeds, knowledgable staff, hard workers, one of the best vets in the area.

Cons: Considering everything, I will tell you when I find one!

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