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posted 6 years ago

I am absolutely mortified that this shelter was rated one of the top 20 on My mom rescued a kitten from here as a surprise for me when I lived out of state. The kitten was SO sick when I got it that we had to take it to an emergency room, and that was only 1 day after my mom picked the kitten up at Cat Nap.

My cousin went in to rescue a kitten and he was pushed into taking two home. One had such a bad eye infection that he lost an eye (before my cousin rescued him), and the other is partially blind because of the eye infections. The woman guaranteed that the kittens are not adopted out if they are sick. My cousin had to spend $400 + on one vet visit because the kittens were so sick. He had to give them medicine, eye drops and ear drops for 2 weeks. He called her because of the guarantee and no one ever returned his phone call. I tell everyone I know not to go here. If the owner was HONEST and ran a reputable business, it would be great to rescue a cat from here. But I HIGHLY recommend going elsewhere to save a kitty life.

Pros: ???

Cons: Sick cats!

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