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What is Safe Haven?
Safe Haven is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit, limited-admission, companion animal rescue and adoption organization serving Iowa County. Our temporary facility in Williamsburg is approved and licensed by the State of Iowa. Other than several small grants, our first year of operation has been funded entirely through private donations.

What is Safe Haven’s mission?
Our mission is twofold: to rescue, protect, rehabilitate, and find good homes for stray, abandoned, neglected or abused dogs and cats in Iowa County, Iowa. Secondly, to significantly reduce if not eradicate this sort of existence for companion animals through public education and sponsoring low/no cost spay and neuter programs. We spay/neuter, test and vaccinate every animal that comes under our care.

How many animals live at Safe Haven?
On any given day, Safe Haven is home to roughly 150 cats and dogs.

Where do they come from?
All the animals admitted to our care are stray or abused/neglected animals that come from the Iowa County Sheriff, local vet offices, or occasionally private citizens.

How do we care for so many animals?
Over 50 direct care volunteers share responsibility for 14 weekly shifts. Every day, seven days a week, two shifts come to the Havens and ensure the health, safety, and happiness of every single cat and dog under our care. They provide appropriate food, fresh water and litter, medicinal support, exercise, training, and opportunities for positive socialization, both with other animals and with humans. Our dedicated volunteer network works as a team to insure consistent, quality care--every day, rain or shine.

What is a limited-admission facility?
Sometimes referred to as a “no-kill,” this more realistically means that animals are not euthanized because of the amount of time they have been at Safe Haven, only in cases of terminal and painful illness where compassion demands it.

What happens to the animals that are brought here?
Most of them--approximately 99%--are soon ready to go to good homes. Others who are too badly traumatized through ill treatment, or who are older, differently abled, or chronically ill, find a permanent home at Safe Haven whenever reasonable.

Where is Safe Haven located?
Due to the generosity of one of our founding volunteers, we have a private temporary location near Williamsburg. However, the demand for service has outpaced the facility’s capabilities. Our goal is to secure a new facility as soon as feasible, either by direct purchase or long-term lease.

How did Safe Haven get started?
Safe Haven was established in September 2005 by Rinthea Satterlee who was unwilling to accept the conventional wisdom that local authorities “had no choice” but to destroy adoptable dogs after only three days at the county pound or shoot “nuisance” stray cats. Joined by a core of like-minded individuals, Safe Haven has since rescued over 500 stray dogs and cats from Iowa County facilities. Of that number, 350 have been placed into loving, “forever” homes. Last updated 10-28-08

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jackson c.
Rating: 5

Awesome place

posted 6 years ago

this is the greatest place on earth!!rinthea is so smart,she has lots of dogs and cats.i reallly like her coming and talking to us.i like salty.he is so cool!!i also like her st.,i love this place!!!!!!

Pros: awesome

Cons: place

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Rating: 5

Tremendous asset to Iowa County

posted 6 years ago

Iowa County is a rural community that has fewer resources than other neighboring counties. Before Rinthea Satterlee founded Safe Haven there has been no other animal rescue option for the citizens of Iowa County. For years the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office has picked up stray dogs and transported them to confinement. Before Safe Haven, there were few options for a rescued dog. At that time the dogs’ future was dismal. Before Safe Haven Iowa County citizens called the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office and asked for other options other than what we offered. The only other option was for the citizen’s of Iowa County to take the animals to neighboring counties that already have animal rescue in place. What we learned was that the neighboring counties would not accept animals from other counties. That was not promising for the lost or stray dogs or cats.

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office does not have facilities for cats. Since Safe Haven has been founded the stray or lost cats in our county have a better chance for rescue.

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office has responded to animal neglect reports where it was imperative that the animals be rescued from their conditions. With our limited resources we turned to Rinthea and the volunteers at Safe Haven. Safe Haven had little room for rescue. Rinthea reached out to her network and was able to find foster homes for all of the animals that needed special attention.

Safe Haven is a tremendous asset to the citizens of this area. This area is in desperate need of animal rescue, public education of animal control and responsible pet ownership. Safe Haven is on a mission to rescue animals and educate the public. Something this area desperately needs. I know that Safe Haven has very intelligent volunteers. I can only imagine how much they could do if they just had the resources. A program could be pioneered.

Thank you to Rinthea Satterlee and all of the Safe Haven volunteers.

Lt. Tim Walters

Iowa County Sheriff’s Office

Marengo, Iowa 52301

Pros: staff that works above and beyond

Cons: None

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