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Rating: 1

Lack of people skills

posted 6 years ago

I recently filled out an adoption application for a labrador retriever and was approved by the so called board of directors of LRRoC. I was approved by several other dog adoption organizations and have have two dogs at this time that were adopted from other organizations. I recently adopted a dog from an organization in the cincinnati area and was told the dog was house trained. Since my wife and I run a business out of our home we don't have time to completely house train a dog. We understand that there will be accidents from a new dog in the home but if the dog is initially house trained it is easy to correct the dog and it will adapt to the routine of the other dogs. We have accomplished this ith several dogs over the last 30 years. However this dog after three and a half days continued to mark in the home on almost every wall on the first floor of the house. We kept the dog outside on nice days and kept hi in a crate at night to prevent as many accidents as possible. We corrected the dog when we caught hm marking on the walls. We also kept the dog restricted to three rooms on the first floor of the house in order to keep an eye on him.
Unfortunately after 3-1//2 days we contacted the adoption agency and returned the dog as per our agreement. The people that ran the adoption agence fully understood and werfe happy to find the dog a new home.
When I explained the situation to LRRoC in an email, (they do not return phone calls) I rtecieved a rude tongue lashing from the president telling me that the dog marking in my home was my fault and I didn't have the proper knowledge for house training a dog. The rude and arrogant behavior toward me and my wife from the president of this organization was uncalled for.
After being a dog owner for over 30 years and labrador retriever breeder and trainer of gun dogs I found the behavior of the president of this organization more offensive than the dog marking in my home. We wrote back to the president and said that we would no longer be willing to adopt a dog from this organization due to her behavior. I have worked with and adopted dogs from the Kentucky Lab Rescue and have worked with OKI (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana) Lab rescue and have found these organizations to be very professional. I would suggest using these organizations to find a dog that needs a home.

-- additional:

[updated on 2009-03-20 11:37:04 GMT]:
P.S. We were initially approved for the adoption of a dog. After the emails were exchanged the president of the organization thanked us for our email and said that our application was then revoked. How sad is this that a dog has lost the opportunity to be adopted into a dog loving home. I was curious why LRRoC had so many dogs to choose from. I know why now.

Pros: Recues labvrador retrievers from shelters

Cons: Arrogant behavior from the president of the organization

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Rating: 1

Judged solely on Online App and Emails

posted 7 years ago

Wanting to find a companion for our current lab we turned to the LRRoC to adopt one rather than purchase from a breeder. We have small children and don't have much room for error when it comes to tempermant and the overall behavior of an animal. We already have one Lab, I grew up with Labs, so we chose to get another Lab. Our intent was to do the right thing and give a homeless animal a home. If you are looking to adopt a lab from this organization be prepared to be judged solely based upon your online application and emails alone.

I should have known better when I found out that they had called my Vet for my past and present animal records. For an organization to dive into your personal life without even telling you is unprofessional to say the least.

After being declined via a computer generated email I kindly asked for a phone call to see if there was anything I could do to help us adopt a dog. I have not received one phone call from an actual person, ever, in the entire process.

I have read the reviews on here and yes, they are an organization that rescues dogs from shelters. That's fantastic, they are doing a great job at that. But where are the reviews from people who have actually adopted or tried to adopt from them.

Anyone wanting to adopt a lab in the general area of Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana...I would try the Kentucky Lab Rescue or the Central Indiana Lab Rescue. Do your research, look at the different websites. LRRoC seems to have put themselves up on such a high pedestal that the average person can't reach. We have since sought adoption from another Lab Rescue, one that is not so dicriminatory of it's applicants.

Pros: None

Cons: All

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