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Rating: 1

Dont take any animals to BCARL

posted 6 years ago

the staff is incredibly rude and has been for years. also, over the years that i have had to deal with them, the animals' poor living conditions have not improved. they have a high percentage (probably about half) of animals that are sickly. and none of the animals are clean because their environment is filthy. i understand that there is a certain amount of dirt that comes with running a shelter, but this is excessive. they also have dogs who "live" at the facility who are allowed to run about the parking lot. i think this is very irresponsible and a very bad example to set for people.

Pros: low adoption fee, always a plethora of dogs and cats to choose from

Cons: filthy, majority of staff is rude, always a plethora of dogs and cats to choose from

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Rating: 3 about all i can say

posted 7 years ago

I fell in love with a dog I was able to meet at a local pet store, from this shelter. I filled out an application and waited to hear from them. I was called and unfortunatley missed it. I tried to call back numerous times for about 4 hours, untill I finally decided to go to the shelter. When I got there they found the paper work and had a few more questions for me. It turned out that the other lady that had applied for the same dog didnt want it, so I was next in line. Now I know why she turned it down. They are charging $200 for this dog because they claim he is a purebred!! I was shocked! There was no other reason given when I asked why it was so much.( their adoption fee starts at $100, which I feel is very reasonable) I would totally understand paying that much if the dog had to be treated for something, or had to have surgery or anything like that, but to charge someone $200 and the ONLY reason is because they say its a purebred is totally absurd. After I picked my chin up off the counter the lady tells me that $200 is quite a deal for a purebred dog!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Im sorry...did I walk in to a pet store...I didnt think they were "selling" these dogs, but I guess I was wrong.

How ridiculous can they be. I was not looking to get a purebred...i wasnt even looking for that certain breed, this dogs personality was really great and he liked cats. I cried all the way home, I was so excited to bring him home, but I just couldnt rationalize paying $200 for a dog on the sole basis of them claiming he was purebred. I dont think it would have even mattered if they could have handed me AKC or CKC papers...that is not the point. Shelters are not supposed to be SELLING dogs. Im sure that shelter puts a large number of dogs to sleep every week, and I really hope they arent killing the "purebreds" becuase no one is willing to BUY them!!

There are several other shelters in the area and even a few rescues...and none of them charge anywhere near that much. I am still looking to adopt a dog, but I will not support a shelter that SELLS dogs based on their breed.

Pros: They have many volunteers it seems, the people are nice, and dogs are kept in live able conditions

Cons: Your lucky if they answer the phone, charge more money for all the wrong reasons

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