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posted 2 years ago

This was the worst experience ever, denies more adoptions than they approve for personal reasons, they even override a veterinarian’s positive and supportive recommendation for adoption, and this in itself speaks volumes.

This Kitty Colony adoption process flies in the face of reason and common sense, anyone with half a brain can see it is wrong, insensitive and self-destructive to the cause of homeless animals.

“PetSmart Charities” and “PetSmart” Store locations should distance themselves from such egotistical private groups like Kitty Colony who stand to lose nothing through bad public relations by interacting in a negative way with PetSmart customers.

The number of veterinarians who unequivocally disagree with Kitty Colony and their slash and trash adoption process is growing.

When you alienate the general public that is interested in adopting, disregard a veterinarian’s positive opinion of the adoption, you are clearly standing on shaky ground.

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[updated on 2013-06-15 11:46:30]:

Pros: Haz Kittehs

Cons: Goes against Veterinarians recommendations

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