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Potential owners of adoptive pets are denied from adoption

posted 2 years ago

I had a similar experience.

It is not "pet overpopulation" if dozens, hundreds and thousands of potential owners of adoptive pets are denied from adoption and the animals are needlessly killed: three million adoptable ones as a matter of fact, while shelters and rescues peddle the fiction that there are not enough homes.

Now, I know these rescues are doing what, in their minds, are assuring the safety of their charges...but this whole thing has gotten completely out of hand with animal rescue/shelters people trying to play God over who can and cannot adopt certain pets -- and it's turning people away from rescue (and to other sources for pets). And in the end, it's the animals that are denied homes that pay the ultimate price.

And then these same people have the nerve to sit back and say "There aren't enough homes" even though they themselves personally turned countless potential homes away.

So after being denied you go to other sources for your pet, now they like to say irresponsible people like YOU are causing THEM to have to kill animals in the shelter because there just aren't enough good homes.

In fact, there are plenty of homes. The experience of successful No Kill communities proves it;

No Kill communities now thrive across the United States.

The data also proves it. Approximately three million dogs and cats that need a home are killed every year. Simultaneously, [of the 23 million people] looking to get a new dog or cat, [17 million] can be persuaded to adopt from a shelter. And, the number of people shelters/rescues turn away because of some arbitrary and bureaucratic process proves it.

New legislation, The Companion Animal Protection Act, CAPA, may bring new hope, but only if pets are placed in homes.

Clearly the shelters/rescues are failing miserably using an old outdated paradigm.

Over forty years ago, the late Phyllis Wright of HSUS, the matriarch of today’s killing paradigm, wrote in HSUS News, I’ve put 70,000 dogs and cats to sleep… But I tell you one thing: I don’t worry about one of those animals that were put to sleep… Being dead is not cruelty to animals.

If the rescues REALLY want to help save lives, they need to get rid of their blanket adoption policies, and actually get those pets into homes. The more pets in rescue that are given homes, means the rescues can pull more pets from the kill facilities. It is not brain surgery people, it is common sense.

Oh wait, rescues get paid from PetSmart even if an adoption is denied.

Come see my stable, I have lots of good earners, how many denied adoption applications did that one fetch for you so far?

This is typical Nazi adoption behavior of animal hoarders with control issues, they are usually marginalized in society, so they exert the little control they have in "choosing" where animals go.

Essentially rescues get to have pets subsidized by PetSmart and every denied adoption brings in money for them, as do completed adoptions.

The implications of this reward system for abuse become apparent.

EVERY SINGLE day a dog/cat sits in a rescue means it takes up space another pet in need can't utilize.

PetSmart Mission statement:
To improve the quality of life for all companion animals by creating and supporting programs that save the lives of homeless pets and promote healthy relationships between people and pets.

Pros: None

Cons: Using an old outdated paradigm

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Rating: 1

Kitty Colony, PetSmart, Lancaster

posted 2 years ago

This was the worst experience ever, denies more adoptions than they approve for personal reasons, they even override a veterinarian’s positive and supportive recommendation for adoption, and this in itself speaks volumes.

This Kitty Colony adoption process flies in the face of reason and common sense, anyone with half a brain can see it is wrong, insensitive and self-destructive to the cause of homeless animals.

“PetSmart Charities” and “PetSmart” Store locations should distance themselves from such egotistical private groups like Kitty Colony who stand to lose nothing through bad public relations by interacting in a negative way with PetSmart customers.

The number of veterinarians who unequivocally disagree with Kitty Colony and their slash and trash adoption process is growing.

When you alienate the general public that is interested in adopting, disregard a veterinarian’s positive opinion of the adoption, you are clearly standing on shaky ground.

-- additional:

[updated on 2013-06-15 11:46:30]:

Pros: Haz Kittehs

Cons: Goes against Veterinarians recommendations

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