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Fayette County Humane Society ( Noah's Ark )
Rating: 2.4

Average rating from 21 reviews.

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Fayette County Humane Society ( Noah's Ark )


Rating: 2.4

Average rating from 21 reviews.

(2.4 out of 5, based on 21 reviews)


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Rating: 1

Deplorable shelter

posted 5 years ago

beeing a previous employee at this revolting place, i can say with certainty they are definately a kill shelter. The state pays for strays to be put down, something in the range of $25 each, any animal they get that they deem wont be adopted gets put down and labeled a stray so they make money off of them, even animals that were aggressive out of fear that i was able to work with and get to be good with people got put down, i'd also like to bring up that when they were painting the big dog run in 2006, they murdered 12+ dogs to make room to paint and leave the side empty untill it was dry. the older workers like to kick, abuse, and choke the dogs. while in the dog killing room with one of the dogs while i was there, they injected the poison into his heart and as he layed down on the ground dying one of the other workers knee dropped him in the neck and put him in a head lock, the people that run this place are utter scumbags and should be arrested for what they do, too bad any time they have an inspector coming when they hear claims of this they are notified by a friend they have that works with the state and everyone is told to be on best behavior (which is definately not an every day occurance). they also like to jack the prices up on puppies claiming their pure bred when they arent and steal money from the people that buy them that dont know any better, they adopt out sick animals that die within a week and give no refund and take no responsibility, instead blaming it on the adoptee (when they were clearly sick while in the shelter). they eat lunch with the money they make from the people that buy dogs under the premise of them beeing pure bred. Their own animal cop Rich is one of the abusers and im disgusted that he is still working there after this long, i guess theyll give a badge to anyone these days as he wasnt an animal cop while i was there. if your looking for a no-kill shelter to take your animals too if you need to part with them look up Fayette Friends of Animals, they used to come in every week and pick out dogs to save from these cruel people which was a sigh of relief to see them while beeing an employee, in the short 4-5 months i was there they murdered well over 400 cats and dogs for no real reason other than they decided they werent adoptable (in instances where they were only in the shelter for a day and were energetic and friendly), or they made one of the workers angry because they werent cooperating, if you need proof of this check their dumpster beside the building, it will have misshapen black bags of trash that are really frozen cats and dogs that they put out for the trash truck a day or two before trash day, carted from the back right of the building through the back area in a large handcart

this was in 2006 and as far as i can tell from this week the same people are still working there

i strongly urge taking your animals to fayette friends of animals because the only good thing you animal can get from this place is a quick painless death instead of putting up with their abuse

Pros: none

Cons: kill shelter, animal abusers

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Rating: 1

Steve Courson would be ashamed!

posted 6 years ago

Noah's Ark, aka The Humane Society of Fayette County, aka Steve Courson Humane Society has changed their name so many times, who can keep up. I went to this place to potentially adopt an animal. On the side of the building, is a painting of Steve Courson and his dogs. For those of you that don't know, Steve Courson was a former Pittsburgh Steeler who resided in Fayette County. In November 2005, he died in an accident at his home in Farmington, Pennsylvania. Courson had been cutting down a 44-foot tree on his property, but a gust of wind changed the direction of its fall, and he moved into its path while attempting to prevent his dog from being struck. The dog, a black Labrador retriever, was found alive guarding Courson's body when the tree was removed (From Wikipedia).

At one time, to honor Steve Courson's memory, they had adopted his name for the shelter. They have since I believe changed it ..... again ... but his image and his cherished pets images still grace the building.

For a man who gave his life saving his pets, I feel this place not only is disgracing his memory, but should be shut down! It is truly that horrible!

Pros: None

Cons: Poor customer service, filthy, euthanize animals immediately

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