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posted 4 years ago

I am certainly NOT a fan of the Jefferson County SPCA. They were in the top 10 of the last Zootoo contest in 2010, so a committee was coming to inspect the facility. The shelter advertised that they wanted as many people and their pets to come on that day to show support, and since I was in need of a companion for my one cat, since my other had died during the pet food recall, I decided to show my support by adopting on that day. When I saw a cat I thought I liked, I asked to take her out of her cage to hold and play with her a bit. I was told that I could not "because she was being spayed later" that day. In retrospect, that excuse makes no sense at all, but since I adore torti cats, I thought it would be fine to take her even if I didn't get a chance to "try her out". The day I brought her home, after her spay, she was coughing and sneezing. The vet diagnosed her with a feline herpes virus...highly contagious and incurable. My other cat was dead in a week, as his system couldn't handle the virus. I believe they KNEW that their cat room was infected, thus their not allowing people to touch the cats, but with the Zootoo people coming, they didn't want to close their cat room. The responsible thing would have been to close it, which I believe the committee would have found admirable. Next situation...One month ago I adopted a small rat terrier after my 17 year old pug died. I was told no less than five times that if he didn't work out, they would not take him back. I suppose that should have served as a warning to me, but I didn't think to question why they were so adamant about his not being returned. At home I quickly realized that he had kennel cough, but when his cough didn't go away within a week, I took him to the vet, and he was diagnosed with Collapsing Trachea. I've learned that that (expensive) medical problem causes a VERY distinctive cough that sounds nothing like kennel cough, a cough that any vet or kennel worker should easily recognize. I believe they knew he had this condition and just wanted him gone. I now have an athletic breed that is unable to run. He can't have play dates with my families' other dogs, since playing with other dogs gets him excited and causes his cough, a cough that can easily turn dangerous. I have been given medication for him at a cost of $90 a month. In the future, he'll likely require an expensive operation, but in the meantime I have a dog I adore that can't be allowed to actually be a proper running, no playing...just lounging around, sleeping from the medication, and when the winter comes, he'll not be allowed to go out at all, as the cold air will constrict his trachea even further. There's been a change in those who run this shelter since I adopted my sick cat, and the new people are very quick to talk about how bad the others were, but I see no difference, as this still seems to be a shelter that is more in the business of getting the animals adopted whether sick or not. I get the chance to meet many new people every day, and since my dog comes to work with me, pet discussions often come up, and nearly every week I hear another story of how someone adopted a sick pet from this shelter. I will never adopt from the Jefferson County SPCA again, and I will be making no further donations of my merchandise for their auctions, something that I've loyally done for years. I will find another animal charity, one with integrity, to offer my charitable donations.

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[updated on 2011-10-19 18:44:23]:
Here's an update on the dog I adopted with the collapsing trachea...Just one month past his second birthday, only six months after adopting him, he's dead. On top of the collapsing trachea and eye problems, it turned out that he also had heart disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The vet informed me that he was in extreme pain, uncontrollable by medication due to the heart condition, and so I was advised to have him put to sleep...destroyed...the finest dog I've ever known had to be put down. Thank you very much, Jefferson County SPCA, for inflicting this grief (and very high expense) on me through your inattention to the health of the animals you're adopting out.

Pros: clean

Cons: Sickly animals

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