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Rating: 2

Unhealthy dog, lied about health

posted 2 years ago

I adopted from this homes For Happy dogs 6 weeks ago. I LOVE my puppy, and his personality was just as expected from the video I saw of him online. HOWEVER: we had to pull over on the way home from NH to MA because he was vomiting. When we stopped, he had diarrhea as well. I assumed it was the car ride and the fact he was eating what he'd thrown up.... Yuck. However, the explosive diarrhea continued , was bloody the following day, and he is still not completely well. They said he did not have this problem there. At first, I believed them. They had their vet call me (it was Sunday) and she called in a med for me and suggested another for me to go get for possible giardia, and possible parasites. They did tell me he'd been treated in the past for a parasite, but had been fine. He was very thin, which they said was because he was the runt of his litter, he didn't get as much food as the others. TURNS OUT, WHEN I REVIEWED HIS PREVIOUS MEDICAL RECORDS, IN THE 4 WEEKS HE WAS THERE, HE'D LOST 4 LBS. This is crazy for a 3 month old puppy! At best, they didn't make sure he was able to get enough food to sustain, never mind increase his weight... At worst, he had an untreated medical condition that could have infected the entire facility, as well as my family and other dog. My husband and I missed a lot work over the next 2 weeks.
Stephanie's response was certainly appropriate. She was concerned and helpful over the phone. I never asked for reimbursement, since I expect the unexpected in puppies... But at the time, I hadn't really looked at the old medical record and seen the weight change. I did write her an email, to which she did not respond. My 1 year old pup was also a rescue from a different organization. The cost was about the same, but she had come with a microchip and had already gotten her rabies vaccine. Happy Dogs said they were too young... Not true.
Anyway, they had great dogs to choose from, it was convenient, and the people were friendly and truly excited when you come in. We saw other dogs, all appearing healthy and adorable. Just ask a lot of questions and expect the unexpected. I wouldn't trade my pup for the world!

Pros: Easy process, friendly staff

Cons: Unhealthy pup, clearly not monitoring health of pups.

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Rating: 1

Dishonest, Terrible Rescue Group

posted 5 years ago

Although I love my dog and he is very well behaved, he has nothing but health problems since I received him. I have been to the vet at least once a week. He was not given the proper examinations that are required and was essentially given a phony clean bill of health. He was given a flea bath one week before he was shipped to me. Any pet owner knows that if you give a dog a flea bath adn then put it back into its environment, the fleas will just jump back on. You have to use preventative treatment. Needless to say, he came covered in fleas and infested my whole house. He then got tapeworm from the fleas. I have also been in contact with another person who adopted from this group who had the same problems. On top of this they clearly lied about the breed of the dog I was getting. What they told me I was etting and I was got was so completely far off it was ridiculous.

Do your research and STAY AWAY from this group. Choose a group that will give you a healthy dog.

Pros: can't think of any at all...

Cons: absolutely everything

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