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Second Chance is an innovative shelter that works hard to get at the root of animal suffering. We are a no-kill shelter, we do not euthanize for space. We use both our physical shelter as well as foster homes to provide the best possible care for pets.

We provide a comprehensive after adoption package that makes the adoption of a new companion a llifelong enjoyment. We are run by a mostly volunteer base with only a small staff. This ensures that every dollar possible goes directly to the pets.

Second Chance has extensive low cost and free spay/neuter programs that provides assistance to needy pets to get pet overpopulation under control. Our programs are making a difference!

Our educational outreach program helps schools and youth groups learn proper pet care, pet safety, and the importance of spay/neuter.

We are in desperate need of a makeover so that we can take in more pets and provide the best environment possible to support our many programs. We appreciate all your help!

TO provide temporary shelter to stray, abandoned, and surrendered animals for the purpose of finding permanent suitable new homes.
TO provide assistance and information to others whose purposes are consistent with the purpose of Second Chance Animal Shelter, Inc.
TO provide assistance and financial aid to prevent overpopulation through spaying and neutering programs.

What sets our shelter apart is that we take the time with every pet to find the right home and create happy endings. One of our stories even won the 2007 Pedigree Best Rescue Story. There are stories every day that touch our hearts. Below is one of them:

The Rescue of Dante and Blackie
This is a story of trauma and suffering for two little Yorkiepoo’s that came into this world 4 years ago as wide-eyed pups. Filled with the energy and love, they hoped to begin a life of fun and love. Instead, they suffered through years of neglect and deprivation. No romping, no playing, no fun with other dogs or humans.
Their neglect mounted day after day to the point they were nearly motionless under the weight of years of matted fur and other unspeakable things. They were basically unable to walk, go outside to pee or poop, and certainly not able to enjoy the company of each other. We are not really sure how they were even able to eat or drink. They continued to exist only because their little hearts kept beating.
Two courageous young men, who become aware of what these unfortunate animals had endured, finally came to their aid. When they carried them into the shelter and laid them on the floor, we could not identify what they were or where their heads were. It took several minutes of probing the years of matting and other unmentionable debris before we could find their nose, mouth and eyes. We checked for signs of life. It was clear that this was an emergency situation. Within minutes, they were rushed to the vets. After hours of work, 27 pounds of weight was removed from their little frames. Some with shears, some with a scalpel. Legs freed, eyes now able to see, ears able to hear and noses ready to smell the world, they were finally free. Scared and trembling they began to experience the world. Surrounded by loving, caring, and in most cases teary-eyed humans, they were now able to stand and even take some wobbly steps.
They were placed in a foster home to begin their journey back to being happy healthy trusting dogs ready for adoption. Below is one of the many emails that we received from their adoptive families.

The Happy Ending:
Hi Second Chance,
Haven't written in a while because I've been so busy protecting Mommy and keeping her happy. I have to check out everyone who walks by or comes into our house and announce them very loudly, but then I go lie down at Mommy's feet to see that she's safe. That keeps me very busy. I have found two things that I just don't like: one is something called "thunder"-I have found a puff that Mommy keeps near her bed in case she gets cool at night that I curl up in until the noise goes away. Boy, I really shake when that's going on! The other is something called "fireworks". They're not quite as bad as thunder, but I don't like them, either. I'm getting awfully smart..I've figured out that when Mommy puts those braces on, that means she's going out and leaving me alone. So, yesterday when she was getting ready for church, I emptied her pocketbook all over the floor! Yup, keys, makeup, everything! I don't think she was very happy, but it kept her home a little longer. Now she keeps it zipped so I can't pull that trick again. It was almost as much fun as emptying her waste basket! But, she keeps that empty now, too, so will have to find something else to keep me busy. Maybe I should try some of the toys she keeps on my blanket. I don't know what to do with them, but maybe someday...
To see the full story and others, go to our website

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Good luck

posted 6 years ago

I don't know Second Chance Animal Shelter personally, I've only read about their blight for a shelter renovation and wanted to help. Anyone who cares for animals is great in my book!

Pros: love animals

Cons: don't know

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Rating: 5

First Impressions

posted 7 years ago

I reluctantly surrendered an abandoned cat at the Second Chance Animal Shelter yesterday. It broke my heart to do it but the staff at the shelter were welcoming and friendly and helped to make a miserable situation better for me. I felt that the cat was being left in the best possible hands, not just knowledgeable but kind and warm. I had been looking after the cat for a year and a half so parting with it was not easy.

I first called the shelter in October or November and they said they would call me back when they had a place for him, to my amazement they actually did (most shelters either had a recorded message saying they had no room or did not take my name and number).

I'm still sad but I feel that I couldn't have found a better place for him. Thanks to everyone at SCAS.

Pros: Calm, friendly, not clinical or brusque.

Cons: None.

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