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posted 3 years ago

We surrendered Daiquiri to Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue 3 weeks ago due to aggression issues (only with some female dogs and with 1 person) that we were unable to correct. We also transported 3 dogs to RPMR. After all of that, I found this website. I was shocked! I am terrified for Daiquiri and the other 3 dogs that we delivered to her. I went to Tricia's house and asked for answers. I was told that the stories on here are all false - that various people are trying to destroy her rescue by lying. I wasn't sure if I believed her then but I definitely don't believe her now. I spoke to 2 of her volunteers and asked them questions regarding things I had read on here and other sites. After that, Tricia texted me and told me she was not happy about that. She asked what she could do to alleviate my fears about her rescue. I told her I wanted to get in touch with Daiquiri's new owners (Tricia told me that she would keep Daiqiuri for 1 month to work on her aggression before adopting her out but she was adopted out 10 days after we surrendered her). She told me that the new owners would not be getting in touch with me because they are angry with me because I didn't correct Daiquiri's aggression issue when it surfaced (even though we did everything our vet told us to do and tried to work with her for over a year). I just want to know that Daiquiri is taken care of and that her owners know her whole history (her PetFinder ad had several discrepancies). Can anyone here help me? Any ideas on what to do? I'm so worried that she's not being taken care of.

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[updated on 2013-07-15 03:17:17]:
I'd like to add to my review: for the people who are posting that they have been to the rescue and describe it as being great. I asked to see the rescue when I was delivering Daiquiri and was told that NO ONE was allowed on the property because of liability issues because of the dangerous dogs there. See below:

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To be honest with the foster she is going to we can not have people at her home. She does aggression rehab and because of that it is far to much liablity to have some one come over since some of her dogs are bite cases involving humans and we would not want to put any one in danger since some of the dogs are still in training.

I hope that you understand. But what we can do is have the foster there to meet you, talk to you, and we can always send pics and updats via cell or email. We just dont want to risk someone getting hurt or the dogs in danger.

Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue
Yakima, WA

" A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you, more then you love yourself." Roger Carcas

When I met Tricia she said that she was just a volunteer for the rescue and that it was run by someone else - leading me to believe that the person I had been emailing was not Tricia but someone else who ran Rising Phoenix. Tricia told me that Daiquiri was going to her house - a place I wasn't allowed to go (supposedly for safety and liability issues but I am sure it was because she didn't want me to see how she really keeps the dogs). I don't believe anyone who says they went to the rescue home and that it was wonderful. When I did go there to ask about all the awful things I read about them I saw 4 dogs cabled outside with tons of garbage and debris around. Two of them looked extremely fearful. I feel so bad for them and all of the dog that have been subjected to the "care" of Rising Phoenix.

I have been harassed and slandered by Ms. Porter. I know of several other people who have also been abused by her.

Please people: don't fall for her lies. Don't give them any dogs - in my opinion, they won't be taken care of. If they have any issues they won't be corrected and they won't be disclosed to the new owners. Dogs deserve far better treatment than they are getting at Rising Phoenix.

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