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Average rating from 20 reviews.

(1.9 out of 5, based on 20 reviews)

This rescue group wishes to keep its address private.Yakima, WA 98903

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Rating: 1

Not Remotely OK

posted 2 years ago

I purchased a mastiff 4 months ago from her. I too was emailing someone and then was told to text a number before I arrived at our meeting point, given to believe it as a different person when it was her all along. The dog was filthy, and her spine was bowed and visible. I paid the $400 for her and was given a hand written vaccine list with no identifying information on it. It could have been for any dog, from any provider, or no provider at all. I was promised a receipt in the mail within three days, along with her microchip information.....well 4 months later and that still has not arrived. I emailed about not receiving it, and got no response. I waited a month, and texted the only number I had for her, and so far no response. The dog is doing well, she has since filled out, and her spine is no longer showing. I had her vaccinated. She did seem to be suffering from a bladder infection, possibly recurring. We found out she's missing a canine tooth, not sure why. I doubt this dog is chipped - I definitely feel that it was a sketchy transaction in hind-sight, and feel that I rescued this dog from them. Obviously they are misrepresenting what they do for these dogs. Whatever it is, it's not worth $400.00. I drove all the way to get her - and still paid maximum price with nothing as promised except the dirty animal. She is now a permanent part of our family, so it had a decent ending. So far....if I do find out she's chipped, I have no way of proving it's my dog - no receipt, no microchip info to update. Really lousy business practice, and YES, she's running a business.

Pros: None

Cons: You will be taken advantage of

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Rating: 4

Targeted by hateful people!?!

posted 2 years ago

Let me start by say I DON'T KNOW TRISH PERSONALLY and in NO way was asked by her to post this ... actually I was contacted by one of the ladies that has posted negative reviews over and over trying to put RPMR out business. So after spending a few hours reading all the reviews I could find I decided to share my story.
10-2010 I adopted a young female Cane Corso Mastiff about 9 months old.
Yes she too was emaciated and clearly had been abused ..... this was NOT due to neglect by RPMR but was why she ended in their care.
When I adopted her, my husband and I drove over to Yakima from the Tacoma area, we were running almost 1 1/2 hours late and Trish had already left to her job. Trish's Husband was home and was very welcoming, he showed us around. We saw a pretty nice place overall, clean kennels, a nice big play area, several XXL crates where the slept at night. They also had a few kittens playing near some of the dogs. I noticed that the dogs that was really thin were free feed with plenty of food and lots of water sources! The number 1 thing I remember was the dogs playing and how happy the dogs seemed. Bella was not sure if she wanted to leave.
Our trip home went great, we introduced her to our old Rottie and middle aged Pom mix and then our cat, all SLOWLY and WISELY, the introductions went pretty well. Didn't take long for them to welcome Bella into our family pack.
Knowing that most dogs that are in rescues & shelters have been abused and/or neglected, we took her in to the vet for a well check. Other then being really thin (a little beg of bones) she was healthy. So then we started to focus on her training, she was so willing to learn.
Near 3 years later she has became such a beautiful, well behaved dog that I get complements on regularly.

During the time I was searching for Bella I saw a adult male Corso in Arizona (I think it was Arizona or close to anyway) I fell in love with but due to the distance I never pursued him although I kept watching for him to be adopted. After a few months I saw another rescue had him in California. A few months later I saw that he was in RPMR's care. I immediately contacted Trish and he was mine the next day! Trish had only had him a few days! I could tell he had an ear & eye infection(which Trich
said prior to bring him to me). So I treated him for that. Sadly within 6 months and a few thousand later we had to put him to sleep due to wide spread bone cancer ...this was NOT the fault of Trish or her rescue ...

I have read and read many of the reviews including the BBB and IMO some of the complaints are misdirected.
1) Nearly all abandoned pets have been abused, neglected and often have health issues as a result. (I've never adopted or fostered one that hasn't).
2) Never should a person introduce animals in an uncontrollable way and always slowly. Or your loved cat could end up injured and/or dead .... this is your fault! Not anyone else not even the dogs nor the hissing cat!
3) Know your breeds!! If you educated yourselves you could never end up with a terrier instead of a Great Dane even at 2,3,4 months Your ignorance is not anyone's fault I don't care what you are told!
4) Read your contracts!!! Its a donation(gift) you are giving the rescue you can't ask for it back just because you are not happy ... so don't complain!

At the time I got my first dog from Trish she was working evenings at a convenience store (I believe minimum wage) and driving a late 90's Suburban
Her home is modest all of which doesn't sound like someone that's getting rich off of flipping dog's.
I didn't see any sign of abuse, hoarding or any other crazy stuff being said.

Anyway I'm a proud mother of 2 Corso's (sadly my other pups have since past due to old age)
1 adopted 1 purchased.

I would adopt again from RPMR when the time is right for our family pack.

Pros: Big heart's

Cons: Not enough funds

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