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posted 5 years ago

I would have given this place ZERO stars if I could.

My parents recently adopted an eight week old mini-poodle from this "Non-Profit Rescue". The day after adopting the puppy they took it to the vet for an exam. The puppy tested VERY STRONG POSITIVE for Parvo. They tried to say that it was because of its recent shots. That theory was proven incorrect by the vet and the manufactures of the Parvo tests.

My folks decided to put the puppy to sleep to stop the spread of the virus.

My dad called the rescue where he was berated on the phone by the volunteers.

They refuse to acknowledge the fact that a puppy, that is being kept at foster homes, might have Parvo.

They lie without a conscience and worse, animals lives are at stake.

They can say what they want but they told my folks they got this puppy from a breeder that they knowingly are over breeding - which can lead to sick dogs. They "rescued" this puppy and charged $350 for her. The puppy NEVER saw a vet although their website states they do.

They also get puppies from Animal Control (which do take the dogs to the vet and adopt out the puppies at the cost of $10) then resale them - not rescue - for inflated prices.

They wrote a rebuttal to our BBB complaint that they "hope that anyone in this family gets with them is the answer". They seriously threatened us - in writing - to the BBB.

They are unethical in every way. Adopt a puppy from them at your own risk.


Cons: Sick dogs, abusive staff, lies

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