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False information.. Great Rescue!!

posted 4 years ago

I have met them and in fact volunteered them. They go above and beyond what most would do. They bring these rescued animals into their homes. They foster them in different homes. They do not mix litters as some of these messages. They step up and do what most of us cannot... they change lives. I have seen some of the homes they get. They are awesome! I have been to the adoptions at the pet store. They have a few books with not a few but literally HUNDREDS of happy endings. I would say around five or six hundred. I am not exaggerating. I read through the book and have seen adoptions to Alaska, Illinois, Utah, Oregon and even Canada! I am not kidding. It was so heartfelt and such a feel good book. I wanted to read them all but that would take hours.

While I was there one day a lady brought in a mom dog and three puppies. Obviously abused and hungry. They told them they needed bottle fed. They did not have room but said go ahead and bring them down. The people got there and they were almost full grown. They still took them in despite not having enough space. They made and found space.

I seen one of the girls help an elderly man carry a big bag of food. The workers at the store were busy and she walked by. Saw him struggling. He said he just had heart surgery. This does not sound like what is described in the above complaints. One of the weeks I was there I saw another volunteer bring a cat to a woman in a wheel chairs house who lived close by. She did not have a car. They help people who adopt shop.

People come in while they are there and I am not kidding at least 5 to 10 people come up each week and tell you about the ones they rescued. They walk proud to the groomer, all over the store and over to tell them how great they are doing. How much they love them and so grateful they are for bringing them into their lives. The volunteers equally excited and reunited. They have fans! An old friend Eileen brings them pizza not every week but sometimes and the girls are down to earth and fun loving. It is like hanging out with old friends. I love them and adore what they do. I wish I could do all they do. It takes dedication and commitment. They all have full time jobs too. They fit this in. They work, have kids and manage this.

The animals they bring to the events look healthy and well cared for. They are playful, well fed and just happy. Sure you can see some have been through experiences. Liked dogs shaved completely because they were so badly matted. This is just to be expected with rescues.

I am also on their facebook. You should see the before and after pics of animals that come through. Updates on animals they are taking care of. Poems they put up. This is a true rescue. This rescue has compassion, love and dedication.

I am shocked at what the first people are saying. I believe also people all perceive things different. And emotions get to almost everyone. My thoughts are why didn't they know they were going to a rescue in the first place? I have also seen them do adoptions. They go everything verbally and written. So all information is there. They cover it all and even repeat it a couple times. things happen. It is how you deal with them that counts. These people who did adopt should have never rescued. It seems like they lack compassion and only see one way ... theirs. I hear what they are saying but I can tell you with my experience with the volunteers including Shawna and Sheri that both would not do anything that is described here. I am putting this on here because I know they will not. They just keep positive and do not focus on the bad. There are too many lives to save according to them. People can say or do anything on these boards they want. This does not make them true. They are malicious people..

And to anyone who is thinking of rescuing. My advice- adopt from them. You will not regret it. Also they have been doing this for 8 + years. Very well established and have a good reputation besides what a few posted here. Rescues are not perfect. No one is but if you are looking for a rescue that cares... they do. They do follow ups. emails and always seem positive and upbeat. This rescue has one of the biggest hearts and go above and beyond to help you. I could write more wonderful things about them but have said my peace. Okay one more. .. One of them brought food to a woman with 23 dogs down by the river. They took 8 into the rescue but could not take them all. They drove a woman with cancer who is homeless to the ER and watched her dogs because she would not leave them. Does this sound like what is here on this board. It isn't I am telling you. I am sorry if going on and on but I need to just tell everyone. I hate seeing them attacked like this. And to the girls at the rescue... I am sorry you get this on top of all you deal with. I am glad you do take the high road and let it be. I got your back... lol.. I am grateful for all you do. I have seen it. Do not let a few rotten apples spoil the whole bin. You make a differnce. I have seen it. I am going to be at more adoptions...I will make the time!

And the person posting Dehlia Angel/Andria kramer and on other sites Maria are one and the same. She is using mutliple names. She complains about anything and everything. She is on yelp with about 30 complaints as Marie S.

Pros: Great Rescue, Friendly, kind and really help the community. Go above and beyond for people and the animals they rescue

Cons: Dealing with people who malicious. Using fake names and putting up false information.

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Rating: 1

Do NOT go here! They sell Parvo puppies!

posted 4 years ago

This "rescue" group sells dogs with Parvo. My puppy started getting symptoms a few days after I adopted him so I brought him to the vet and he tested positive for Parvo. I immediately called the "rescue" group to let them know that their other puppies (and unvaccinated dogs) may have it, and she didn't even care! She told me I could take him back and exchange him! Like he was a sweater.

Canine Parvovirus is awful. If you are looking for a dog and not familiar with Parvo, I would encourage you to look it up. This is not kennel cough or giardia, this is a deadly virus that can cost thousands of dollars and hospitalization to treat.

Rescue groups are supposed to care about animals. Please do not support what they are doing.

Pros: None

Cons: Sells Puppies with Parvo

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