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posted 4 years ago

WARNING: If you are at this site doing research because you are considering taking a cat to Caboodle Ranch Cat Sanctuary don't make your decision based on Caboodle Ranch's website propaganda. One site to start your research at is where you will find eyewitness accounts, photos, and official reports. You may also email for more information.

Other sources for information are: Laura Bevin, HSUS Director of Eastern Regional Office; Veterinarian Dr. Julie Levy, Director Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program; Lanie Anton, ASPCA Community Initiatives Director; Robin Politowicz, Best Friends Animal Society Community Animal Assistance Senior Specialist.
All these organizations have experience with or knowledge of Caboodle Ranch.

Caboodle Ranch isn't alone in the world of animal rescues that "dupe" the public into believing their promises of benevolent deeds. For similar stories read about Tiger Ranch, Sacred Vision Cat Sanctuary, and Angel's Gate Hospice for Animals.
After exhausting all the online articles and groups then we can focus on contacting rescue groups and veterinarians in the Madison County area.

Caboodle Ranch: Save the kitties

Pros: Meant well

Cons: Needs help but refuses any

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