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This rescue group wishes to keep its address private.Charlotte, NC 28226

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Be careful, very careful

posted 5 years ago

If you are thinking about using this person and or organization for your next Yorkie.....ask some questions and request hard facts

1. Are they a legal 501c3 registered charity? ask for will not get them. Do not trust the "we have applied and are still waiting", it takes less than 2 weeks. They have now been "placing" Yorkies for over 2 years.

Are they a registered corporation in North Carolina or any other state? Do they hold any type of business liscence, local or state? Do they hold a sales tax number and pay taxes on the items they sell? If the answers make you wonder.... you may want to start looking elsewhere for your Yorkie.

Where is there business located? Physical address.

Do they have a board of directors that oversee's the operations and the funds?

Have they had a yearly audit of records, deposits and dispersments?

Can and will they produce finacial statements which show the total amount of funds collected in the last two years, and how they were spent?
That means paid vet bills and expense reciepts.

Why have you not posted your address and/or location on this site? You seems to have no problems posting it on your web page on where to send contributions.

With several legal and legitimate Yorkie resue organizations in the Carolina's and the Charlotte area, why did you form another?

As you collect from new adoptions all of the fee's for vet services and expenses, do you provide the records to the new owner and the reciepts for the paid vet bills?

What is your guarantee as to the health of your placements and how do you resolve issues with health problems on dogs after placement?

I could go on and on, but I think everyone gets the idea of what is going on with this "organization". you know what they say..."it's always about the money"

There will always be those who see opportunity, and rationalize that their "good works" entitles them to a reward.

SO, before your hand over your funds to this organization, you need to ask the questions and get the answers. Do not just trust the nice photos and smiley faces. You have seen the news reports, with the person who has been scamed out of their money. They always say the same thing......"They were such nice people"

You have been warned, be careful, be very careful.

The Gorilla.

Pros: everybody has to make a living

Cons: to many people doing it right, to put up with the one who don't follow any rules

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