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Good Intentions, Many Problems

posted 6 years ago

DAWG has lots of fans and lots of critics. I used to volunteer and donate money to them. At that time I assumed that, whatever their shortcomings, they are devoted people and do everything they can to help animals and wouldn't do anything to compromise their wellbeing. However, there are two issues with DAWG. First is their adoption criteria. They deny most of the applications for their dogs, citing the applicants' ineptness for one reason or another, and they can be quite rude to the people if questioned. There are many complaints on the web about their policies and bedside manner. Applications can be denied to smokers, to people whose English is inadequate, to people who use doggy doors to let their cats out, to people who live in condos, etc. Their dogs are kept mostly in boarding because very few volunteers are even approved to foster. The boarding situation is adequate but very good (I wouldn't put my dog there even for a weekend), and these dogs can spend up to a year or more caged in this boarding facility, while DAWG piffles over who can and can't speak English sufficiently to care for a dog.

The other problem is their association with their primary vet, College Park Animal Hospital. I switched my own pets to this clinic upon Moira Gingery's (and others') emphatic proclamation that they are absolutely the "best" in the area (no comparison). For two years I was satisfied with College Park Animal Hospital. However, in early 2008, my old cat's congestive heart failure was missed my to of the hospital's vets. When I confronted the head vet, in order to "cover" for his staff, he told me that congestive heart failure cannot be seen on an X-ray. I pressed for real explanations (X-ray is the primary tool in diagnosing CHF, a very basic fact), the head vet got very nasty. I was volunteer at the time with PAW, a rescue group which DAWG is a spin-off of. He stopped me and my whole family from walking the sick dogs PAW had in medical boarding there. He also tried stopping me from obtaining my cat's medical records. DAWG's reaction to this situation? NASTY!!! When I reviewed College Park AH online (true experiences of the good and the bad), Ms. Gingery BLAMED ME for not referring Smokey to a speicialist. This is probably the most vicious thing a pet lover can do to a fellow pet lover, but also Ms. Gingery is in charge of an ANIMAL WELFARE group, and this was her reaction to my complaints of my cat's misdiagnosis and suffering: Smokey went without treatment for a treatable condition, suffered as a result, and it is not unlikely that he died sooner than he would have if the diagnosis was done properly. He was my precious pet for 15 years, and getting this vicious reaction to my grief from someone in charge of animals' wellbeing was shocking!

I was recently notified that the vet who missed Smokey's heart failure received a formal letter of censure from the Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, prior to which he attended classes at the regional level to "improve his ability" to read X-rays and ultrasounds. I have some measure of satisfaction to the extent that Smokey's suffering was not completely in vain. Hopefully future cardiac patients at College Park AH will benefit from better care than was available to Smokey. Do I have hope that the DAWG people will begin looking at their vets in a more balanced and objective manner? No, I don't. When you encounter such a blind fanaticism in loyalty to someone (almost cult-like) it is unlikely to change anytime soon (unless a tragedy hits home, of course). This is very sad because, the intentions might actually be good. But we all know the road to where is paved with good intentions.

Pros: good intentions

Cons: power trips, rudeness, arrogance, unreasonable adoption policies

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