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posted 7 years ago

We are very greatful that we adpoted one of our babies from them, Tatianna. We love her so very much and she is a little blessing.
Within a couple days of bringing her home she got very, very ill. Within the first week she lost most if not all of the hair on her little torti head. We called and they told us to bring her in to them if she didn't get better within the following week.
When we got their they gave us a few options:
1. Our money back
2. Our pick of another kitten
3. They could try to treat her

We obviously took the treatment option. We were already in love with her. They were very helpful with giving us a lot of antibiotics for free and also examined her for free too.
The only thing that I didn't like was the vet that they were using then was in the middle of spadeing one cat when she stopped what she was doing and with the same bloody gloves examined Tatianna. Then when she was done went right back to operating, keep in mind Tati had, had a very serious respratory infection, a ton of mucous and severe hair loss. Let this be a reflection on the vet (at the time) and not on the hard working and careing people of the rescue.They do so much with so little.
I feel the lack of funds are to blame for this and hopefully they can get more funding. Because no matter what, we did get one of our beatiful little girls from them. And for that we are vey greatful.

Pros: They were helpful and they try so very hard. Gave us free medicine and exam.

Cons: Handleing of sick animals.

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