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posted 2 years ago

I understand what it looks like from all of these terrible reviews: they "don't adopt to people selectively and are extremely rude. "

Let me shed light on a few things:

First of all... I have worked there for a short time, long enough to understand their protocol, and short enough to understand where y'all are coming from.

They do have a strict regimen for deciding WHO gets adopted to. I'm not going to tell you what Joye looks for because that would defeat the purpose of why they don't tell people in the first place why they MAY be rejected: plus i am not fully sure what they look for... only the big ones (which are completely legitimate reasons to deny/adopt to someone.) They DO want the best home for these dogs as possible. Not only that, they are looking out for YOUR best interests as an adopter.

Maybe they have an extended "red flag" list... but think about it. These are RESCUES... they are not always the sweetest dogs and will always have flaws since their lives have not been perfect or in many cases, even pleasant.

The red flags are there for reasons. If you apply for certain dogs... we know those dogs better than you can from simply reading their profile. We know what is best for YOU as well as the animal. And sometimes, it is simply not a good match. We apologize for that but obviously - we spend more time with those animals than you. We know. Its not even close to a "God" complex... we just LITERALLY know what is best. Joye LIVES with those dogs.. in her HOME.... she watches TV with them at night on the couch they all they on and works with them laying across her desk in the day.... ... invites a few to her and her husbands bed at night. She knows these animals as well as you would know your own pet... they ARE her pets (theoretically) ...

I am sorry that so many of you are disgruntled about being denied. But its not like they deny EVERYONE. I watch so many of these rescues go home every week. It is so heart warming. These people do not hoard dogs or cats. I have watched them adopt out dogs and give away to foster homes ones that they are absolutely in love with. Many, that based on actions and YOUR bad reviews would be dogs that they would never get rid of. But guess what? .... its obviously not as it seems. Beloved rescues, practically pets to them... have been given to people because they have been deemed appropriate for that dog and vice versa.

Approaching the question of environment: Yeah.. maybe the house isn't the cleanest. How about you try to potty train every single one of those dogs that Joye houses because the original owner never did so... or clean up after them every ten minutes while you also have work to do and its raining outside so mud is being tracked in... I have been in there at least once a week to do surface cleaning or mopping the floors and its honestly a lost cause. But we still do it. It is impossible to keep that place in impeccable shape. But i honestly dont feel like its a bad thing. I dont mind mopping the mud when its raining.. i dont mind wiping mud and dirt off the desks and filing cabinets... I dont mind picking up the very minimal poop piles or bleaching corners that the males tend to "mark" and "remark".. Its clean enough considering the circumstances. Point being. Its not like no one cleans in there. Its not like we let them roll in their own poop. Its cleaned as much as we possibly can. Its just hard to keep up with that many messy dirty puppies.

I think the environment is so much better for the dogs than having individual kennels. You don't think the dogs get socialized in that pack? You should SEEEE the love and attention they get in that house. I go in there and have to pet every single one for at least a couple seconds. some stick around longer than others and its a constant switch of who to pet: One leaves - another replaces it. They hang around us and its a maze to step over all of the dogs laying on the floor or like a crowded pool when you have them all standing in your way. But i don't see one unhappy dog. Dog fights? sure... that happens when you have more than one dog in an area, even in your own homes! Our fights are no worse than what you would have in your home. Have that many dogs and its bound to happen... they're animals... But simply compare the dogs happiness in the house to the dogs down in the few kennels we have for intake? ... The happiness level is drastically different and i have watched dogs personalities change positively by moving them up there... if anything it makes them MORE sociable and lovable by seeing all the other dogs begging for every ounce of attention we can give.. "Monkey see monkey do"... its actually a great way to socialize other dogs. whether you see it that way or not.

So despite all of these angry reviews (mostly from people denied and not understanding why) its really not a bad organization. Maybe not perfect (but what organization is) ... Joye has a controversial way of housing the dogs so not everyone will agree and many will attack the idea and her in general. ...

But know this... I support everything she does. I understand the method to the madness and understand that not even i would be able to adopt a dog from there. But i am not disgruntled over it. It happens. If you want a dog and can't adopt from Us, then yes, look elsewhere. It is not rude of Joye to say that. Maybe you aren't right for the dog you were looking at, or a rescue dog at this shelter or even a rescue dog in general, but maybe you'll be right for another dog/puppy that hasnt had a traumatic life. We arent going to say "dont adopt... EVER"... now THAT would be rude ;) so honestly.. give it a chance. If you don't get approved.. don't get offended. There ARE other options. And dogs here DO get adopted. They aren't as miserable as some of these reviewers imagine they must be but they do need actual homes because this home is not their own person HOME. But it works temporarily.

Now that my rant is over: if anyone made it this far then AWESOME!... I just hope this helps to shed some light on the goodness behind all of the bad reviews. Joyful rescues is a great organization. Even if its nontraditional. I love my job there and support everything.

Pros: Happier animals; Hopeful Matches.

Cons: Bad Reviews from people with lack of knowledge about the organization on top of being emotionally disgruntled due to rejection.

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