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posted 3 years ago

THE GOOD NEWS IS...a friend of ours owns a reputable and professional pet store here in the city and also rescues dogs. Why we didn't go to him in the first place is beyond me. He will help us find our new dog - he knows us and our pets and exactly how awesome we are.

When I told a room full of people that I was denied on a dog adoption the reaction was 1) confused looks, 2) an "are you kidding me" and then 3) bursts of laughter b/c Chris and I are considered the best and most devoted dog owners in the world! People can't believe the lengths we go to to give our dogs the good life.

UNFORTUNATELY...I wasn't aware that you need to screen rescues before you take the time to apply - you know, to differentiate the LEGITIMATE rescues from the CRACK-POTS.

What a disservice to your adoptable dogs.

Absolutely hilarious...

From: Joyful Rescues <>
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 9:31 AM
Subject: Application

Pros: I guess they're keeping animals alive

Cons: lengthy application, definite denial

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