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posted 5 years ago

NEABR wishes to keep it's address private because they are actually located in Massachusetts and it is a quarantine state. This means a dog must go to an APPROVED quarentine facility and stay there for 2 wks at which point the dog must be approved for release by a licensed vet. Not go to Kelly's house in Millbury Massachusetts. The other thing is that they don't seem to adopt dogs out for the right reason's, these dogs come up on her Husband Jeff's transport Alpha Dog Transport ( which she doesn't want anyone knowing they coincide w/ one another if you go to the NEABR website. Hmmmmm, something to hide? I think I'd be proud unless there was something to hide. Anyhow, because of rescue groups doing illegal practice like this, they are going to ruin it for those of us that follow the rules of each state we transport to in the New England area. In case you all didn't get the recent forward e-mailed around, the state of CT is trying to become a quarantine state also. This limits transport into these states w/ out the required facilities and makes getting your dog harder. Please please let them know this HAS to stop before they ruin for all of us!
Also, I would be careful when transporting w/ Alpha Dog, they allow dogs w/ coccidia to board and have to be euthanized 36 hours after the use of their service! Puppy arrived dehydrated, w/ a collapsed lung, starving and obviously suffering! It originally came from Vera out of Missouri (Blue Horizons). This was less than a month ago...they do not feed while the dogs are in their care either! It's companies like this and rescues like this that are going to ruin it for all of us that rely on the New England area adopters!

Pros: they do help a lot of dogs but it's all about the $$$$

Cons: read review

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