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Thu, Mar 28 | By Kathy Blumenstock via | 1

Cats believe every year is The Year of The Cat (and of course, they’re right!). They’re happy if the year includes the requisite amount of treats and toys, a cozy home life and our affection and devotion. But what do the stars have in store for t… more ›

Your Cat's Astrological Forecast for 2013
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2 years ago

I think she is a virgo cat, but she is receiving a particular diet, and she received her cat furniture at Christmas time, and she recently received several new toys to add to her abundant collection of toys, which includes a couple of small plastic Christmas tree balls she appears to play soccer with...(she's very good at that). She saw her veterinarian at the beginning of the year.
Even though she likes a good fur brushing, she still doesn't like any messing with her claws.
If I add it all up, I guess she is basically a furry happy all year round cat. : )

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