Which Pet Food Reps Will Eat Their Own Pet Food?

March 28, 2013 | By Pet360.com | 1 comment

At the 2013 Global Pet Expo, Pet360 asked pet food representatives if they'd eat the pet food they sell.

Is their food really as good as they advertise?

Watch and see!

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2 years ago

As for me I wouldn't eat dog food not even the treats as little kids me and my siblings all tried the dog food and the cat food one of us even tried the fish food as for me the first time I played truth or dare I was dared to eat kitty litter not pet food but I was feeling gross for days after no matter how many times I brushed my teeth it was my sister and step sisters so of course I forgave them but I told my mom and that made them mad cause they got in trouble for it but it had always been hard for me being one of the middle children and also having disabilities and being Diabetic after all that I should really write a book about that but dog food and cat food are so bland and gross I even know some one who went through a phase where they would pretend to be a dog and eat dog food and dog treats of course it was a boy so probably a normal thing, I would eat some the dog food that is freezer food that is just chicken rice and veggies put together for cats and dogs, also there are cookies in petco that look like chocolate chip but they aren't they are carob maybe I should try those honestly everyone eats things they shouldn't including dogs and cats and there are people who seem to think that Daibetics can't have sugar everything has sugar in it though so if we didn't we would die also we go by carbohydrates not by sugars and there was some girl in my health class in the 11th grade we had to do reports on diseases I wanted diabetes since I had it my dad had it both my brothers do and my sister does but the other girl got to it before me she said that when your bloodsugar is low it is 200 or higher and that you have to eat some thing to get it to go back to 100 also she said when it is high that it is 80 or lower and that you have to take a shot to get it back to 100 this was not right and I should have tried my hardest to trade with her I got wasn't even a disease all of them were taken so I had to do my report on child abuse but I did good and my report was so big it was like a teachers entire lesson plan for a semester that is why I want to be a teacher I over did everything I could in high school when I enjoyed it in fact I was ahead of my entire art class although I draw quick and color quick so my projects were done fast and I did good on them also it was the same thing in english whenever I wrote something when I had an idea I knew what I was writting and was the first one to finish in english and art I always got A's for some reason in my tall tales class where we wrote stuff like fairy tales the teacher always gave me bad grades even though alot of the writtings that other students that got a's did were the same as mine but food and junk food as well are really concerns good or bad.

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