Tn. Shelter Teaches Public about Pit Bulls

January 22, 2008 | By Matt Van Hoven | Category: Care & Safety | 798 comments
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KNOXVILE, Tn. - Tennessee's WVLT news reported this weekend about an educational program that gives new life to public perception about pit bulls.

Sponsored by the Young-Williams Animal Shelter, the class aims at teaching people how to raise their pits responsibly. Attendees said the course focused on socialization and fostering kindness toward the dogs.

A main lesson is that pits, like other dogs, bite because they're scared, not because they're angry or mean.

One student who recently adopted a family of pit bulls said he was not a fan of pit bulls before the class, but his opinion has since been changed.

The class, which was open to anyone curious about the breed as well as owners, also highlighted the importance of spay/ neuter and socializing.

Tennessee has recently seen a few pit bull attacks, one of which lead to a death. Legislation to ban the breed has been proposed, too, and it's hoped that this small move could help prevent that from passing.

Thirty people attended the first class, and a second has already filled. Shelter reps say the free course was meant to be educational, not to promote the breed.

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5 years ago

Some of our local shelters have similar programs and even require people adopting pit bulls to sign up for the class. I hope it helps.

Good Point | Reply ›

Katie M.

Katie M.
6 years ago

What a great class.

Good Point | Reply ›

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