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Tue, May 28 | By Kimberly Wang | 1

by Kimberly Wang of Eardog Productions chal·leng·ing (chln-jng) adj. 1. Calling for full use of one’s abilities or resources in a difficult but stimulating effort: a challenging course of study; a challenging role for an… more ›

The Story of Elsa, the Beautiful Challenge
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2 years ago

yes all animals do I caught Abby playing with a moth today that was on the ground he was a huge one I took a twig he climbed on to it and I put him in a tree to notice that one of his wings was broken I left him there hoping he would be safe and could heal but the funny thing is that when Abby found him I think because of the size she thought he was a baby she didn't want to hurt him she just thought he was a new baby to play with or friend to play with, Abby gets along with other dogs but not all of them with her you have to find just the right mesh she likes playing with the neighbors pittbull and the little affenpinscher;s on the next block over she likes Shasta and even Dakota and the new neighbors doxies Isabella and Cash but she doesn't like Cricket or Cujo.

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