Seven Pet Shedding Solutions

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Easy ways to keep loose fur under control.

Shedding hair is one of the biggest annoyances of dog and cat owners. So how can you rid your home and your clothing of unwanted hair?

Regardless of age or breed, all dogs and cats (except for hairless pets like a Sphinx feline or an American Hairless Terrier) lose their winter coats and begin to shed when warmer weather arrives. While you can't stop your pet from shedding, you can create an effective strategy to deal with the loose hair.

If you are tired of tackling pet hair, use these fur fighting tips and pet product recommendations to alleviate shedding throughout your home:

1. Read shampoo labels before bathing.

Not all pet shampoos are the same; and like food, you need to read the labels. Use an Olive shampoo like Nikki's Green Rosemarino Olive Oil Dog Shampoo, which is rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants to moisturize dry and brittle hairs, returning your pet's coat to its natural strength, luster and beauty. $16.00.

2. Keep your pet bed fur-free.

Schedule the cleaning of your pet's bed in conjunction with monthly grooming appointments or in-home grooming sessions. To remove pet hair, use a static cling preventative product to loosen pet hair and a vacuum pet bed. New odor free, antimicrobial and stain resistant pet beds like Jax and Bones Crypton® fabric beds make it much easier to remove dead hair and dander. $169.00.

3. Clean surfaces thoroughly.

Vacuum carpets, furniture and car upholstery, using pet vacuums with HEPA filters and motorized brushes for allergen removal and for pet hair pick-up. If necessary, cover furniture and car seats. For those hard-to-reach places and when you need a quick sweep, try the Scotch™ Fur Fighter ™ Pet Hair Sweeper, specially designed to make cleaning up pet hair easy, especially in tricky places like between appliances and kitchen cabinets. $9.99 for the Pet Hair Sweeper and $4.99 for the refills.

4. Supplement your pet's diet.

You are what you eat and your pet's appearance reflects what he eats too! Feed your pet a high quality diet and supplement his diet with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to keep his coat healthy and shiny. Try PetSmart GNC Ultra Mega Skin and Coat Essentials for Cats, with Omega- 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. $5.99

5. Develop a grooming routine.

Depending on the coat type, brushing regularly with a slicker, pin or bristle brush can keep your home clean from shedding pet hair, dander and dirt. Also, utilize helpful tools such as shedding blades and grooming gloves. Also, groom pets outside or in a utility room to contain flyaway fur. FURminator has deshedding products starting as low as $35.00.

6. Shut the closet door.

Keep dogs and cats out of clothing closets. Prior to leaving home, do not pet or allow your pet to rub against you. Carry a lint brush to make sure your clothes are fur-free -- and to prevent aggravating the pet allergies of co-workers, friends or acquaintances.

7. Schedule seasonal medical check-ups.

An allergic reaction, mange or another health problem may cause hair loss. If your pet is losing an excessive amount of hair, take your dog or cat to your veterinarian for a check-up.

How do you control your pet's shedding? Do you have tips for pet hair cleanup? Share your thoughts below!

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3 years ago

I would like to add the warming and cooling trends, along with the breed of your pet does have a direct effect on their shedding. Although you cannot control these things, they can give you a better idea of what you're in store for in terms of seasonal shedding.


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daryl b.

daryl b.
4 years ago

since i have birds i carry feathers with me wherever i go

Good Point | Reply ›

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