Skateboarding Parrot Stolen from Cage

March 30, 2009 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 117 comments
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Gordo, pictured above, flaunts his talent on a mini skateboard. (AP)

BALDWIN PARK, Calif. -- A popular skateboarding parrot named Gordo has been kidnapped, leaving his San Gabriel Valley owner devastated.

The 30-year-old green Guatemalan parrot was snatched from owner Fred Mireles' front porch on Wednesday morning.

Gordo is reportedly a popular attraction in Baldwin Park, with people frequently turning out to see the bird turn tricks on his skateboard.

Police search efforts might be aided by Mireles' home security camera, which captured footage of the thief nabbing Gordo just after 10 a.m. In the tape, Gordo can be heard squawking loudly.

The bird's testy disposition is typical, says Mireles, who has warned that Gordon is likely to nip at strangers.

Mireles said that his mother heard a loud commotion coming from his front porch on Wednesday morning, but didn't act soon enough to catch the thief in the act.

"My mother was at home and she heard somebody trying to break into the cage," Mireles told the Pasadena Star-News. "When she went out there, the guy was already [running away]."

Mireles, 47, and Gordo are often seen talking walks around the neighborhood, with the bird balancing on his owner's mini-skateboard. Gordo's unusual talent has earned him fame in the area.

"He's not your regular bird," Mireles told CBS 2/KCAL 9 News. "He's like a little kid."

Mireles, who has no children, has owned Gordo for nearly 10 years, and says that the bird is like his baby.

Baldwin Park police Sgt. Darryl Kosaka told the Associated Press it could be challenging to recover Gordo, since stolen animals are often resold to pet stores.

"Unless we have information or some kind of lead to follow up, it's extremely difficult," police Sgt. Darryl Kosaka reportedly said.

The exotic bird is worth around $5,000, but Mireles told the Whittier Daily News that "it's not about the money, it's just the companionship."

Mireles said that he and Gordo have a longstanding history together; two years ago, Mireles was hit by a truck. While he was undergoing rehabilitation, he was encouraged to frequently exercise. Mireles fashioned Gordo a personalized skateboard so the bird could accompany him on outings.

"I almost died about two years back and he helped me," Mireles explained.

Mireles says he and Gordo also enjoy other outdoor activities together, like mountain biking.

The bird-napper, Mireles warned, is now "up against a can of worms," as long as he or she has Gordo to handle.

The Los Angeles Times, The Whittier Daily News, The Associated Press and The Pasadena Star-News contributed to this report.

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6 years ago

He's 47 and lives with his mom and skateboarding bird? Come on, give the guy a break, the bird's all he's got.

Good Point | Reply ›


6 years ago

Hopefully, whoever took the parrot will be dumb enough that they won't be able to resist showing off the bird's talent and someone will recognize him....

Good Point | Reply ›

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