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Thu, Apr 25 | By zootooadmin | 1

In August 2010, an unfortunate incident occurred involving a dog owned by celebrity DJ, Samantha Ronson, and another pooch and its owner that resided in Ronson’s West Hollywood building. Ronson’s English bulldog, Cadillac, escaped from her apartm… more ›

Settlement Reached in Dog Death Lawsuit Against DJ Samantha Ronson
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daryl b.

daryl b.
2 years ago

boy is this sad. my landlord just walked into my apt with his maltese. my boys were sitting on top of their cage. when they saw pablo it scared them. davey had pulled out the feathers on one wing and i am not sure they are comming back. he tried to fly and landed on the floor. i just got to him in time before the dog got him.i am not sure what our laws are here but i have no doubt that my landlord would not have paid any expensises. even if court ordered.

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