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Mon, Dec 10 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 3

William and Kate's new arrival will be welcomed by family dog Lupo. Royal watchers around the globe are still buzzing about the baby news from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are expecting a bundle of joy next year. However, pet l… more ›

Royal Dog to Make Way for Royal Baby
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3 years ago

Abby loves Babies as for Shorty he is not to sure he likes babies I guess it just depends on the pet but the other thing is never dump your pet just because there is a baby on the way if it is absoulutley neccessery to rehome them though and no family member or friend can take them take them to a rescue and keep them until they have found a home make sure you have the final say in their new home I am just glad that if I had a baby on the way right now I Wouldn't have to worry about Abby getting along with a baby and Shorty would just have to be seperated unless supervised cause I had to do the thing for school where I brought a fake baby home and Shorty would sleep on it's face he would stay there even if it started to cry.

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