Psychic Locates Wind-Blown Flying Chihuahua

April 28, 2009 | By Amy Lieberman | Category: Strange But True | 120 comments
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Heavy winds lifted a 5-pound Chihuahua into the air over the weekend, carrying her across a six-lane highway. The dog survived the incident, and was found on Monday. (ZT Pet News Photo Illustration)

DETROIT, Mich. -- The sky darkened and the air began to thicken, a sure sign that a storm was brewing.

But as Dorothy and Lavern Utley readied to leave the Saturday afternoon flea market in Waterford, Mich., their five pound Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, was apparently nowhere to be found.

The answer to the dog's mysterious disappearance, they soon realized, was blowing in the wind.

"The wind was going 70 mph, probably, just really getting bad," said Tinkerbell's owner, Lavern Utley. "We didn't see her, but someone said they had seen her lift off into the air.

"We found her leash on the highway, about a six-lane highway, and we went all around looking, but she just wasn't there."

The family searched the area for two days, uncovering no signs -- save the leash -- of the 8-month-old puppy's whereabouts. But then, just as strangely as the dog vanished, a solution appeared. A pet psychic called and told the couple to look in some nearby woods.

On Monday morning, the family and other local residents, who were aiding in the search efforts, turned up at the nearby swampy location.

"I just went up to a hill in the woods and was probably there for around a half-hour, calling her name," Utley recalled. "She just came running to me. She wasn't hurt or anything. She was fine, just had some mud on her."

The Holly, Mich.,- based pet psychic, who goes only by her first name, Lorrie, says she was certain that Tinkerbell was unharmed. She first learned of the case when a local radio station phoned her, seeking assistance.

Lorrie asked what the dog looked like, and within a few minutes, she says, she had a vision of Tinkerbell.

"I knew that she was in the wooded area over by the grocery store. I saw her unconscious or sleeping, but I knew that she was still alive and that she wasn't hurt. I knew that they should keep looking," Lorrie said.

The pet psychic has been in the industry for the past 16 years, she says, noting that two generations of ancestors have also practiced the trade.

At first, she started communicating with only people, but now Lorrie says she regularly reaches out to animals, both alive and deceased.

"I'm just so glad that she is home," Lorrie said of Tinkerbell. "The Utleys are such sweet people and I am really thankful that she is safe."

Utley says he never used to believe that pet psychics, or any kind of psychics, might actually offer accurate premonitions.

"I believe in all that stuff now!" he said. "I wasn't even going to go back there and look, but my wife talked me into it. We thought she was long gone. But I'm so glad that I listened."

Amy Lieberman is a staff reporter for Zootoo Pet News. She can be reached at

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daryl b.

daryl b.
6 years ago

so many people laugh at the thought of some peole being psychic but i bet these won't ever laugh again

Good Point | Reply ›


6 years ago

Wow that's crazy! Poor pup, wonder what it thought about as it was flying through the air?

Good Point | Reply ›

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