Plan a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving

November 22, 2011 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | Category: Travel | 1 comment
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Celebrate a safe holiday with your four-legged family members.

As family and friends gather for Thanksgiving feasts, pet owners should take extra care to ensure that their canine and feline companions have a harmless, fun day.

So whether you're planning a seven-course spread or just relaxing in front of the big game, enjoy a pet-friendly Thanksgiving with these tips:

1. Keep "people food" strictly humans-only. Responsible pet owners are aware of the dangers of feeding pets human food, but well-meaning visitors may not be able to resist those sweet, begging eyes. Pay extra attention for even simple slips, such as setting down a glass of alcohol where dogs can lap, or leaving extra garbage and food scraps where curious cats can reach. For more information on human foods that are harmful to pets, check out our guide to pet food safety.

2. "Adopt" a Turkey! We recently reported on the Adopt-a-Turkey campaign, launched by animal welfare organization Farm Sanctuary. With Ellen DeGeneres as this year's spokeswoman, the initiative is hoping to spotlight the humane treatment of turkeys and other animals. Read how two businessmen are helping this initiative and find out more information by reading our recent Adopt-a-Turkey coverage.

3. Visit the dog run to burn off calories after indulging at the dinner table. Start a Thanksgiving tradition of a post-meal walk with your dogs -- all of you will benefit from the exercise, and your pets will be grateful for the time with you!

4. Practice pet-safe travel if you're hitting the road with your four-legged friends over the long holiday weekend. Invest in a crate or harness for pets traveling by car, and for tips on keeping your pets safe in the air, check out our tips for protecting your pets in flight.

5. Relax with your pets -- and help them relax around visitors. We recently provided tips on making your cats comfortable with guests. Make sure that your dogs are feeling secure as well with extra affection and love.

How are you and your pets spending Thanksgiving? Do you have tips for a pet-friendly holiday? Share them below!

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4 years ago

Remember if you are taking a pet to thanksgiving dinner and other pets will be present make sure they all get along well first.

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