Pets on the Move!

August 17, 2010 | By Kris O'Donnell | Category: Travel | 9 comments
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Outfit your pet for stylish summer fun with the latest travel-friendly gear.

Whether cruising the highways or surfing the waves, America’s pets are on the go like never before. And for many pet owners, summer travel is no reason to leave four-legged friends at home.

Several new products make it easier than ever to enjoy hitting the road with your pets.

For example, Bradley Mattarocci with California-based Pet and Pets, has introduced the first crash-tested car restraint for dogs. The product uses a latch system commonly used in infant and child restraints.

"We took that technology and incorporated it into a pet seat," Mattarocci said. "It is also a carrier and unlike most carriers it actually latches in and provides protection for the pet in an accident greater than 30 miles per hour."

The carrier has luggage-style handles and can be broken down and folded flat for travel. Mattarocci says Pet and Pets is just responding to trends in the market.

"What we've seen is a lot more people are taking their pets with them." Mattarocci said. "They're a part of the family. They go on the family vacations. They go everywhere with them."

Brenda Burden with the surfware and water sports company, Body Glove, agrees.

"People want to do everything with their pets," she said.

That's why Body Glove Pet developed a safety vest for dogs that travel with their owners to the lake, river or ocean.

"Countless people are saying, 'I've been looking for this,' even more so than I ever expected," Burden said. "They're out there on their boats and they want to bring their pets," she said.

Burden says the flotation device is built to keep the dog's head up and out of the water. In addition, she says the vest is comfortable and made with the highest quality materials.

"The foam material is the same that we put in our children's flotation suits," Burden said.

For more information about Body Glove pet products, visit

For dog owners who would rather hit the road than the beach, the options are greater than ever before.

Dave Malloy is with Dog About by Classic Accessories, where the motto is "turning favorite companions into traveling companions."

Dog About products include car seat covers, bench covers, vehicle door protectors, crate covers, a folding travel dog bed and a food hydration pack.

The food hydration pack "very easily holds eight pounds of dog food, holds one and a half liters of water, all in one little compartment," Malloy said. The product also has a detachable water bowl and food pocket.

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daryl b.

daryl b.
5 years ago

maybe lourie can make super scoot something stylish to wear. oh how could i forget donna made him a summer and winter super scoot cape

Good Point | Reply ›

Lisa B.

Lisa B.
5 years ago

I enjoyed the article very much. My dog is finally wagging his tail when I reach for the leash.

Good Point | Reply ›

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