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December 26, 2007 | By Rebecca Andrews | Category: Strange But True | 548 comments
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UNITED KINGDOM – The 15th annual World Pie Eating Contest in Wigan, England, was almost ruined when a meat-loving dog devoured 20 of the competition pies.

Dave Williams, the 1995 pie-eating champion, was pie-sitting those to be used in this year’s competition. He opened the refrigerator door to remove the pies when he was distracted by a pigeon that flew into his chimney.

When he went to deal with the bird, his 8-year-old bichon Charlie raided the fridge, inhaling 20 pies and stepping in 10 others.

Concerned that the contest would be cancelled, frantic calls were made to local bakeries to make a new batch of pies. Fortunately, Rob Stewart of Wigan Pies was able to replace them.

Impressed with Charlie’s skills, contest organizers decided to let him compete. There are no rules barring dogs from competing and contest officials thought he had a good chance of winning.

Contestants used to be judged on the number of pies they could down in three minutes. But because of new healthy-eating initiatives, the contest is now limited to how fast one pie can be devoured.

Unfortunately, Charlie didn’t do so well in the competition; he couldn’t even finish one pie.

Williams said Charlie was a rescue dog, and was accustomed to eating off the street and getting his paws in anything he saw – something he apparently hasn’t grown out of yet.

Other than a full stomach, Charlie did not suffer from eating so many pies. Williams said the dog will be grounded and put on a strict diet.

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Katie M.

Katie M.
5 years ago

That is a lot of pies!

Good Point | Reply ›


6 years ago

What a great sense of humor they all had about it allowing the dog to compete!

Good Point | Reply ›

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