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Thu, Dec 13 | By Amy Lieberman | 2

Non-profit seeks to introduce animals in 100,000 classrooms. When Ashley Aucar, a special education teacher at a public elementary school in the Bronx, was in the fifth grade, her teacher had pet snakes in the classroom. As a child, Auca… more ›

Pet Care Trust Brings Four-Legged Friends Into Schools
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3 years ago

Where I live kindergrateners always got chicks there and then they would go home with who ever wanted to keep one I wanted one that had a bad leg when one of my brothers was that age but I was told no, when I was in high school I had a teacher that would bring his pigmy goats to school with him they would follow him through the halls and try to headbutt the students in the classrooms the pigmy goat was my favorite and I want to be a special ed english teacher for middle school so I think that if I am allowed a classroom pet it will be either rats, ferrets or chinchilla's.

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