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Thu, Oct 18 | By Amy Lieberman | 1

Initiative gradually picks up more advocates for animal health. Wednesday, October 10 marked the seventh annual National Pet Obesity Awareness Day in the United States, where last year an estimated 54 percent of cats and dogs were consid… more ›

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Gaining Steam
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2 years ago

Well Skitters was overwieght even though we did not over feed her we had neighbors who thought that she was starving to death for some wierd reason when ever they saw her in the backyard so over the fence came all kinds of leftovers which was always treats meant for humans and not for dogs and some times even old moldy stuff since the apartments next door have two stories barbed wire on top of the fence probably wouldn't even work so we have to watch Abby when she is out there I was sure when I lost Skitters that she had diabetes, she had a collapsing treakia since she was born which made it extremely hard for her to lose weight once she gained it she could lose it but would then gain it back when ever she got too excited she would cough hard and that made it hard to exersice her to lose weight cause she was a rat terrier and everything excited her the thing that excited her the most was if I left when I got home and when she got to go for walks it seems much easier with Abby even though she has a bad leg.

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