My Furry Valentine: Treat Your Pet to a Special Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2010 | By Jay Speiden | Category: Entertainment | 33 comments
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Heartthrob Catnip Gift Box

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re at a swanky restaurant bar in downtown Los Angeles. Your date’s new haircut is extremely handsome and his soulful eyes assure you that he gets you better than anyone on earth. When his entrée comes, he breaks your gaze to look at it happily – a silver bowl full of raw meat nuggets drizzled with assorted specialty sauces and a side of Bowser Beer. He immediately plunges his nose into the bowl and starts to woof it all down with relish, grateful for this Valentine’s Day treat – a visit to Pawbar at the Pussy and Pooch Pethouse in downtown Los Angeles.

If you’re thinking of spoiling your pet this Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. Last year, pet owners spent an estimated $370 million on their furry friends over the Valentine’s Day holiday. The options – from simple and sweet to indulgent – are almost limitless these days, as pet boutiques and specialty shops pop up online and in cities and towns across America at an ever-increasing pace. So if you think your pet deserves a little extra love (or a lot), here are a few options you might want to consider.

A Day Out on the Town

The Pussy and Pooch ( in downtown L.A. bills itself as the ultimate pet destination, bringing a new twist to the traditional pet store experience by offering distinctive pet products and services like the Pawbar. Here, cats and dogs can belly up to a real bar to dine on an assortment of gourmet specialty meals such as raw meats, simmered stews, and meaty bones, prepared by a house chef daily. The store also features a spa and bathhouse where your pet can get lathered up and pampered by a team of massage therapists, manicurists and cutting-edge stylists. Pet boutiques, hotels, and spas have been opening in cities across America, so check out Zootoo’s Local Finder to see what’s new in your area.

The Purr-fect Gift

Websites like,, and offer huge varieties of pet plunder. Choose from Bow Wow Biscotti, Pupover treats, flavored tennis balls, or such products as a custom bone pet necklace charm. A stainless steel elevated dog bowl will make it even easier for your pet to chow down on a new bag of Valentine’s Day treats. For those looking to pull out all the stops, offers a handcrafted, solid wood four-poster bed, making whoever sleeps in it the epitome of a pampered pet.

Check out these gift ideas to show your pet you care this Valentine’s Day:

The "Love & Licks Valentine Dog Card" by Crunchkins is made of rawhide and retails for $3.95 at The card is part of the company’s line of edible “Crunch Cards,” featuring holiday-themed and everyday cards, each decorated with “pet-safe,” non-toxic ink.

Planet Dog’s red-and-white “Puppermint Chew” toy is made of peppermint-flavored rubber, designed to freshen your pup’s breath as he plays. The buoyant, water-safe, eco-friendly toy sells for $13.75 at

Each heart in the “Heartthrob Catnip Gift Box” is filled with organic catnip grown in Vermont. The gift box, which includes three plush hearts, is available for $19.50 at

The "Heart Balloons," "Ribbons of Love," and "Midnight Love" collars let your dogs wear their hearts on their neck. The pieces of gear cost between $13 and $16 and are available at

The Thought That Counts

Your pet is sure to love any gift from you this Valentine’s Day, but if you don’t have the budget this year for new toys or treats, here’s a little secret that you already know. More than anything, your pet wants to spend some time with you: a nice long walk in the park, maybe a toss of the ball, or just a good snuggle. At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is about showing your loved one what’s in your heart. And as long as you show your pets you love them any way you can, they will return the sentiment tenfold. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Kelsey D.

Kelsey D.
5 years ago

Not a lot to do for a Betta on V-day.. Fish probably feel left out.

Good Point | Reply ›


5 years ago

I am not so sure about the $$$$ treats, but they got pampered and well loved with the hearts!

Good Point | Reply ›

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